Tuesday, 7 July 2015

The Premier's Suite at the Luxurious Elmwood Heritage Inn

At the Elmwood Inn in Charlottetown there is a suite that had me waking refreshed and feeling ready to open my heart to a day of wondrous PEI adventures! That, my dear readers is the Premier's Suite, a sweeping and elegant space on the Elmwood Heritage Inn's second floor. With a highly regarded past, this particular room is fabled to be where one of Prince Edward Island's own Premier's rested his head. That's practically Royalty, with how highly regarded a tradition politics are on the Island; and I slept like a queen in it's soft and regal atmosphere. The fresh cut flowers and rich little curios spread throughout the room helped to create this old-fashioned charm for me and my imaginative mind.

Once a single bedroom, it was opened into what would have once been the Elmwood's nursery to create a luxurious Suite which features everything you need to spend time doing some seriously relaxation. As you walk into the Premier's Suite, it makes a noble first impression and wooed me with it's unique architecture, stunning working fireplace and the special furnishing that Jay and Carol have acquired over their time as owner's of the home. The bedroom is uniquely octagonal shaped, adding the the one-of-a-kind charm in this Suite. Another source of that charm specifically is it's grand wardrobe, a towering piece which has crossed the pond to take up residence here in Canada. One on an English estate, it was adopted by Jay and Carol and as so many of their pieces are, like children, treated with tender loving care that will preserve it for generations to come. There is even a photo of the old estate alongside it to make its' story come to life, just as it did when Carol explained to me.

As special as the wardrobe is there are still more personal touches to be found in this Suite, one of the most precious, a quilt made my Carol's own Sister. Titled "Hanging Garden" this beautifully detailed quilt is stitched with love (like many of the ones that her Sister has created for the Elmwood's Rooms). It's like watching something very cherished become an heirloom before your eyes and being a part of that process along with their other guests.

All of these personal touches are really only something you can get from an Inn like the Elmwood, to become a part of the Innkeeper's lives and their story, as they do the same for you, is especially achieved here, where hearts are so open.

Of course, all these home-style comforts are not where this suite's story ends. A 5-Star destination is also home to the kind of luxurious amenities that pamper you with their modern convenience. One of these being the deliciously indulgent Jacuzzi tub, with a view of the garden and larger soaked size. Pair this beautiful tub with an equally elegant bathroom which has a glass stand-up shower and elegant little finishes for something that displays exactly why the Elmwood is 5 Stars. I was certainly contemplating how much I'd love to bring the whole experience home with me and yet as entertaining as it is, I came to the realization that I wish I could tuck the Elmwood in my pocket and take the whole thing home with me!

Other conveniences are a compact little housekeeping unit with a mini-fridge, microwave, coffee maker and kettle which are there to make your stay that much easier. The antique writing desk is ideal for writing postcards home and tempting (or taunting) your family with stories of your wonderful PEI destinations! Wish your were here just doesn't cut it when it comes to the Elmwood.

Settling in for a movie from Jay and Carol's collection, there's a whole assortment of films that have been hailed as the best of the best, I bid a fond evening to my friends reading. I hope that this has helped you make up your mind to travel to Prince Edward Island this season. Because otherwise you're going to have to stay jealous until you come here and experience all this for yourselves!

So much of a home away from home and so much more, the Premier's Suite is another one of the very special rooms which are housed within this peaceful Inn. Having the best of both worlds, the Elmwood is at the heart of Charlottetown's action while being minutes away from it's most peaceful parks and in the best neighborhood the City has to offer. If you're contemplating a stay on PEI or already packing your bags to head to this tiniest Canadian Province, then the Elmwood is a prime destination of choice!

See you at the breakfast table in the morning!

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