Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Gourmet Perfection for Breakfast at the Elmwood Inn

This warm, sunny morning at the Elmwood Heritage Inn in Downtown Charlottetown, PEI, I find myself with a place at the grand dining table. At the center of the Inn's exquisite Dining Room, it's a reflection of the entire home's stately roots and I felt immersed in that history as lilting classical music floated through the main floor and I looked down at my delicate place setting. The china for this morning be a rare, fine English make and depicting in a lavishly displayed and vividly colored arrangement, the national flowers of each Atlantic Province. Prince Edward Island's, of course, being the dainty Lady Slipper. This flower often times representing unconventional or rare beauty, I feel it very fitting to be thinking of those special qualities while staying somewhere that embodies them so very well.

As I begin each morning here, my fresh squeezed orange juice is delicious along side their daily fruit assortment. This morning's being fresh, juicy blueberries served either with the Elmwood's Classic Orange Yogurt Sauce or heavy cream. Since I have a very difficult time deciding when given two delicious options, my Photographer and I decided to each get a different style and try it both ways. The blueberries are cream are really an old-fashioned delight which suits the era of this home. Charmingly uncomplicated, yet rare and decadent, I will be trying this little trick back at home! Of course, the familiar orange yogurt sauce I've come to love during my stay lent it self delightfully to this dish with the sweet flavor of blueberries and tangy citrus coming together in a pleasant, gentle combination on the palate

The main today is a delicacy that excites and breakfast enthusiast and has a reputation of being one of the most popularly elegant breakfasts that one can find. Eggs Benedict! A toasty English muffin meets rustic ham, a velvety poached egg, all crowned with rich, thick hollandaise sauce and crisp chives! Not only is this a popularly favorite breakfast but it happens to be my own personal favorite and the way the Elmwood prepared it, I feel like I'm looking at my favorite breakfast through a new, deliciously tinted lens. The hollandaise was so creamy that I couldn't help making sure that there wasn't a bit left on the plate, it hit a balance of flavors that is so coveted in the world of french sauce making. The poached egg was prepared perfectly with a golden yolk, the ham came through with it's natural flavors that compliment this whole dish together. Farm fresh taste meets this gourmet all-time favorite in a way that you have to taste to believe.

Next up during this incredible breakfast was fresh, warm cinnamon strussel muffins! Yes, served warm in an adorable little basket, from the first bite this muffins embrace with with a taste of home and comfort. Their cinnamon crunch and sweet strussel finish are full of flavor and pair textures with this moist muffin and the warm apple pieces hidden within. A true little treasure, they made the ideal mate to my coffee with it's own slight brand of spiciness.

And to make a sweet ending, Jay brought out a creation of his own ingenious culinary mind, an "After Bite". These little palate pleasers come in many mouthwatering varieties, but today's was watermelon with feta cheese and fresh garden mint. An explosion of fresh flavor in your mouth and a beautiful experience for your taste-buds, the trio of flavors compliment one another like family. Juicy, sweet, savory, herbal and really just ideal for this sunny Summer Day!

A breakfast fit for even the most discerning of Foodies, Jay and Carol are masters in the kitchen and truly culinary wizards at the art of making Breakfast an event to remember. I couldn't have asked for a more tantalizing meal to begin my day and to recall to all of you! I urge anyone and everyone to come, stay at the Elmwood and enjoy all of this amazingness for yourselves, it's that once in a lifetime sort of thing... That is of course unless you book another night and then you can relive perfect over and over and over again~

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