Monday, 13 July 2015

A Remarkable Morning at the Great George Hotel

A great morning to all of my readers! It's no surprise at all that I woke up this morning feeling completely refreshed and relaxed after having a comfy sleep on my plush bed at The Great George Hotel! And after preparing for my day with the refreshingly pure scents of their Aveda beauty products, breakfast has never seen a more invigorated version of myself!

Heading downstairs, before breakfast I decided to take a peek at their gym and give myself a little morning exercise before the day begins. Charming and intimate in size, it's the perfect spot in the quiet of the morning to take an air conditioned run on the treadmill, or if you're much stronger than me, tone up with their broad assortment of weights. Looking out not just for your pleasure but for your overall well-being, this gym is a comfortable and bright addition to the Great George Hotel's amenities. Considering this and the fact that each suite has it's own personal yoga mat, the Great George has impeccably taken care of every single detail of your visit for you. That's truly amazing. Oh, and in the gym they had fresh apples, chilled water and protein bars for those who want to recharge after their workout. See what I mean?

Bottle of water in hand, I joined other refreshed guests in the Lobby for the Great George's famous breakfast. I was excited to see the sheer variety of morning treats prepared for their guests! In the refined yet relaxed atmosphere of their parlor, there was an assortment of fresh fruits, pastries, cereals, hard boiled eggs, cheese, yogurts, bakery items for toasting, a colorful frittata, juices, milk and of course, coffee and tea! With so much deliciousness before me, it was nearly impossible where first to begin and so I chose a collection of as many as I could in order to try just about every type of offering. 

As you can see from my table, this theory worked out very well in my favor since there's just about everything a girl like me could want. I started out by trying the most tempting of all these, which is a fluffy Frittata prepared by the Great George's own Daniel, who apparently has gotten quite a reputation for his culinary prowess when it comes to this egg dish. Moist eggs are mixed with thick cut ham, colorful and crisp sweet peppers with just a perfect dash of seasoning and lots of cheddar cheese! The perfect way to start people's mornings with a flavorful balance of goodness, the Great George's Frittata is another display of the creative edge they display in their industry. Nothing's too good for their guests and everything they do, right down to the tiniest things expresses that. Most importantly this shines through in the happiness and smiles of their staff, who begin your morning with just as much cheer as they greet you upon check-in. A huge shout out to Lynn for being a ray of pure sunshine this morning!

Next on the menu was their fresh fruit, where guests are invited to make your own custom fruit bowl with all of the berries, grapes and pineapple that they offer. All juicy, cool and fresh, the fact that you can customize the trust to your own taste and liking is a colorful and convenient way to start the morning. Along with their house-made granola, which is also another way to make each Great George morning a celebration of your own personal tastes. You start with their homemade granola which is bursting with crunchy coats, whole toasted cashews, slivered almonds, raising and a kiss of warm cinnamon. Then there's an assortment of dried fruits for you to add along with the fresh ones as well. I personally happen to love things with a tropical flair and so added pineapple and banana to my granola, which was perfectly delicious and suited exactly to what my taste buds swoon over.

There's a truly broad assortment for many different dietary needs, even offering gluten free bread to those who request it. Even my own breakfast felt like it had an endless variety to it, ranging from healthy to decadent, I enjoyed my fresh fruit and apple juice just as much as the delicate raspberry puff pasty that went so well with my coffee.

That's not all, the Great George Hotel indeed offers breakfast, take our version for their early birds and looks out for their health-conscious gym goers, but they also offer coffee, tea and treats 24/7 in their Lobby. And on Monday to Friday after Ian's historic walking tour, there just happens to be a cocktail hour too, featuring wine and local beer.

Oh, and I can't go without mentioning the Great George's adorable business center, in a private nook of their lobby, it's easy to slip in and quietly answer a few emails. Which I did this morning, since in all my relaxation and being lost in the peace of the Great George, I forgot to charge my technology... Which in a world where people strive to unplug and experience life, is a really, really good accomplishment on this special Hotel's part.

I do believe I've decided to move in here...

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