Thursday, 16 July 2015

A Deliciously Beautiful Morning at the Barachois Inn

There's nothing quite like a country morning in Prince Edward Island when it's being experienced in all of the glorious little details of nature. This is the reason why many make the Island their yearly getaway and for me, I haven't found one place that can offer a more pure translation of this quality than the Barachois Inn. To wake up in the morning to the serenade of songbirds, soft rustling of leave from their garden's mature trees and the brilliantly shimmering ocean as it's backdrop, it's the best of what PEI's nature has to offer.

Being in the middle of it all is an irresistible draw for those seeking the ultimate tranquility and it's undeniably the reason why I find myself returning to the Barachois Inn. Rustico, PEI is a treasure and the Barachois in it's jewel, welcoming people seeking sanctuary from across the globe.

This morning, waking up invigorated by the soft Island air that filled my room with its' freshness as I slept, I took a walk through the Barachois's Victorian Garden and over to the MacDonald House to their fitness center. WIth the still of the morning and looking out past the colorful flowers to Rustico Bay, I had to pinch myself and make sure that I was truly awake, It's a waking dream!

Down in the fitness center, it was still early so I had the whole room to myself and was able to get in a quick workout before breakfast. With the Barachois' location being hidden away in one of the quietest and most picturesque corners of the Island, it's convenient to have everything you need right on property. The ability to drive everywhere with ease is fantastic, but to have the softness of Country mornings and the convenience of a guest gym only steps away, it feels like Judy and Gary have thought of everything for the happiness of their guests.

My workout done, it was only a small walk through the garden again to return to the Gallant House for breakfast! I've been wishing for another one of the Barachois' country style breakfasts again and, like my return, that wish has come true! With a pot of coffee at my table in the charming Dining Room, I begin that most delicious morning ritual. Once again their yummy fruit salad is ready to start off breakfast, this time with a self-serve home style format. The beautiful crystal bowl displays an assortment of colorful fruits as I select my very favorites in this customized fruit bowl. I couldn't forget lots of the fresh Island blueberries! Served alongside their fresh orange juice, the morning begins on the lively note of crisp fruits.

This morning I had the pleasure of meeting Denise and Andrea, the daughters of Innkeepers Judy and Gary, who put their hearts and efforts behind the Barachois just as much as their parents. Friendly and high-spirited they've both got that undeniable PEI spirit which Judy displays so well, chatting happily with all the guests and encouraging them to explore some of the best spots on the Island. After this, I can easily say that the Barachois Inn's family atmosphere in genuinely authentic and radiates throughout the entire
experience here.

Next on this morning's breakfast menu is old-fashioned porridge! Falling in perfectly with the theme of my Anne of Green Gables style room, I feel like this creamy porridge would be something that graced the Cuthbert's breakfast table regularly! Warm and hearty, the fresh Island berries that topped it were juicy and their sweet and tart combination worked perfectly with the little drizzle of maple syrup I added! This very PEI breakfast continues with a truly farmhouse breakfast! Eggs, any style, thick cut bacon and multi grain toast. Fresh PEI eggs over easy with the homemade multi grain bread matched the heartiness of the porridge before it. With warm flavors, it's easy to imagine the farmers, bakers and of course, loving cook that are all behind this breakfast. It taste purely Island and is what has been on the table of PEI homes for decades and will continue to be the kind of breakfast that represents many of the great producers in this province.

With the happiness of all the guests surrounding me, I feel as if I'm in a family home filled with members from every corner of the world. It's a beautiful feeling that only accentuates all of the charms and romance that the Barachois Inn possesses. I can't wait to spend my day continuing to bask in this special spot and soak up some Island sun!

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