Monday, 1 June 2015

Welcomed at The Shipwright Inn in Charlottetown, PE!

Hello to everyone out there on that worldwide network we know as the internet!
No matter where you are right now, I’ll bet you something; after you read this post, you’re going to wish you’re where I am.

The Shipwright Inn! Five stars of perfection in the heart of Downtown Charlottetown that has already charmed me into wanting to never, ever leave.

For those of you out of the know, this is my first stop on an exciting cross-Country trip to find the very best places in Canada to soak up local flavors, rest your head in the lap of luxury and find that ideal home away from home. Let me just start this off by saying, the Shipwright Inn has set the bar high. Very, very high and I’ve only just gotten here! 

With a cordial, warm and peaceful environment, my welcome from Innkeepers Judy and Trevor was just as gracious as their beautiful home. Exceptional from the first moment, I felt as if I was being welcomed home, rather than having just come from away. You can see that spirit reflected immediately as I was gravitated to see their guestbook, filled with well-earned compliments and praise from all the guests before me.

A feast for the senses, the Shipwright is like stepping back in time while still being surrounded by all the modern conveniences that are so important in our society. Charm and elegance are its’ hallmarks, which are both in vast supply along with the extra creature comforts which make it the perfect place to call your own on a visit to one of my favorite places in the world; PEI. 

Steeped in the rich history of Prince Edward Island and Historic Downtown Charlottetown, the Shipwright Inn is a stunning Victorian-era home that was built by one of Charlottetown’s own prominent shipbuilders, James Phillips Douse in 1865. In case you’re not familiar with PEI’s history, that means this home was built in one of the most historically significant eras of Prince Edward Island’s past and in the creation of Canada’s too. 

That passion for history, hospitality and attention to detail meet to make the Shipwright Inn a truly 5 Star location. Their home’s dining room and parlors are elegantly appointed with nautical décor and artifacts. Living vicariously through the various articles displayed throughout the Shipwright, you’ll feel warmed by days gone by. Both Judy and Trevor are happy to tell the stories of these amazing and awe-inspiring pieces, which are original to the home, come from across the Island and beyond. 

Each piece fits so perfectly and some of them so perfectly that they never want to leave the house! Much like this incredible piece which has been with the house since its start in the 1800s! 

To be honest, the Shipwright Inn is probably the most perfect place for me ever since we know it’s no secret that I’m just a little obsessed by anything has to do with the sea-faring days of yore. 

Like I mentioned, the Shipwright is located in the heart of Historic Charlottetown, which means you can walk to the Charlottetown Festival, world-class dining, the Confederation Centre national Art Gallery, rich cultural experiences and of course, some fantastic shopping, which no girl is going to say no to. 

With their expertise on all things Island, Judy and Trevor are able to help you weave the perfect way to experience PEI in a way that’s uniquely you. They offer their knowledge freely and have even compiled a planning guide for guests that want to lounge and see what PEI has to offer.

Having fun so far? I know I am, and I hope you’re already getting that itch to come east to meet Judy and Trevor Pye for yourselves. 

This is just a taste of what we’re going to experience together as I blog my way through my time at the Shipwright Inn. You’re going to see my beautiful suite, get hungry from tomorrow morning’s gourmet breakfast, meet the magnificent Innkeepers, their talented chef and so much more!

I literally never want to leave. Ever. Maybe the Innkeepers will adopt my photographer and I?

My next post you’re going to get well acquainted with my suite, the Crow's Nest! This exquisite room is where I'm writing to you all from at this very moment. Sipping on a cozy cup of Lady Baker's Vanilla Almond Rooibos from the dining room's buffet and loving the luxury of every single second.

Oh and one more thing I just can’t go without saying before I sign off for now; wish you were here.

See you soon~

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