Thursday, 4 June 2015

This Morning's Incredible Breakfast at the Shipwright Inn

Salutations, Readers! Here I am from the Shipwright Inn, in heart of Downtown Charlottetown, PEI!

I would say “wish you were here”, but honestly, I already know that you wish you were here.
So I think that’s been covered~

And you’re going to wish you were at the Shipwright Inn this very morning when you hear about the breakfast that Chef Shelby Spirak served up this morning. Her sense of variety and ability to create breakfasts that defy even your taste buds wildest dreams is exactly what gets me out of my Suite’s super-comfy bed!

A sweet way to start off the morning, I was met at this morning’s breakfast table with one of the most adorable breakfast foods I have ever seen! These Victoria Sponge Cakes with Blueberries and Cream are the fanciest little treats I’ve ever had the pleasure of saying “Good Morning” to. Fanciful and absolutely as delicious as they are cute, the combination of sweet blueberry compote and rich whipped cream were sumptuous against the buttery sponge cake. Dusted with powdered sugar and a hint of vanilla in the cake, it paired perfectly with my coffee and I can say these little delights are fit for even the discerning taste of royalty!

Next, on the lighter and airier side was this lovely trio of melon garnished with the Shipwright Garden’s freshly picked mint. Colorful and refreshing, this crisp and cool assortment of watermelon, cantaloupe and honeydew melon had the perfect flavors to match today’s bright and sunny day. Cheerful to the eye and playful on the palate with a kiss of the fresh mint’s flavor, Chef Shelby knew just how to set the stage for her next course.

With its’ tantalizing colors, stellar presentation and a temptingly complex aroma that beckoned me before it even reached the table, this morning’s Poached Egg with Roasted Tomato, Bacon and Pesto on a Ciabatta bun had stolen my heart. Which to be entirely honest, I gladly surrendered.

The harmony of the texture and flavors was a marriage of foods that could only be achived by the most thoughtful of Chefs. I could tell that every detail was planned out and it’s those sorts of meals that impress me the very most. There’s nearly a science to the way each piece comes together and the result is a flavor experience that takes up every sense. The savory, sweet and smokiness created a sense of Breakfast comfort food, that wraps you in itself. Inspired by Italian flavors, each fresh bite gave way to different sensations on the palate. Whether it be the smooth and rich yolk of the poached egg, the juicy sweetness of the tomatoes playing off of the smokiness of the thick sliced bacon, the pesto’s creamy nature or how all of it blended so nicely together and with the fluffy, fresh ciabatta. Every second was pure culinary Heaven.

Still in need of a little extra breakfast or want to start off with something very homey and familiar? Well, the Shipwright also has an assortment of cold and hot cereals, their house made granola, yogurts and toast to partake in. I highly recommend trying the toast at least once since you’ll be able to taste their collection of preserves and jams made on PEI from the Prince Edward Island Preserve Company. My personal suggestion? Go for the Lemon Ginger with Amaretto, it’s heavenly!

Say "Hi" to this awesome family at the table next to me! 

Foodies, keep your eye on this place, because it’s the perfect spot for those with an adventurous love of gourmet food to enjoy while on Prince Edward Island. You don’t have to look any further than your Inn’s front door for the best culinary experiences while staying at the Shipwright and that’s something very special indeed.

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