Thursday, 4 June 2015

The Shipwright Inn for Every Occasion

The Shipwright Inn has been my home away from home for three glorious days and I’ve been adoring every moment of it! In my mind, it is the kind of Bed and Breakfast that stands apart from its peers with a distinguished style of hospitality which makes it, in a word, outstanding.

Tripadvisor and it's community agrees with me, as you can see.

Clearly ideal for many occasions, the Shipwright is prime not just for your Island-Bound vacationer, set out to experience Canada’s tiniest Province. There is a whole variety of different opportunities that you will find the Shipwright can accommodate! Its’ large number of rooms which range from sweeping suites to cozy hideaways make for diverse lodging options that embrace, inspire and above all refresh.

The very first thing that struck me was the gentle romance of the Shipwright. Undoubtedly romantic with its elegance of days gone by and well-appointed suites. Some of their special rooms feature rich woods, fireplaces and yes, ultra thermo-masseur baths. A destination for honeymooners or couples searching out their next rendezvous, the style and comfort of the Shipwright will help to spark just the right atmosphere. The Silver Champagne Tray service that they offer doesn’t hurt either!

That’s not all though, the romance of the Shipwright plays host to a the opportunity to make perfect memories of that one day which is the most romantic of all. You know what I mean, your Wedding. Yes, that very same elegance which creates romance is the ideal spot to immortalize it. Pristine and detailed with its parlor, garden and stately 1800s architecture, the Shipwright is a photographer’s dream come true. The shades of color used throughout the home are particularly flattering for brides and give an air of Victorian beauty which are unique to the Shipwright.

Corporate vacations are becoming more and more in vogue as a means to re-center and create a sense of fraternity between colleagues. A great goal, which, executed in the right setting can make a big difference in the lives of co-workers, the Shipwright’s tranquil and professional atmosphere of comfort fosters this ideal by offering their entire Inn to groups. The Dining Room gives space to commune, while their rooms gives a quiet place to meditate on the day and refresh your mind and body. Definitely a destination for professionals seeking sanctuary in our busy world, the Shipwright Inn is a welcoming place to be renewed.

Of course the business scene isn’t the only one to benefit from the Shipwright’s diversity! Family gatherings and even reunions could find their own slice of home and happiness here. Given the warm nature of the Shipwright and their kind, knowledgeable Innkeepers, your family would be in the very best of hands during their time together. With suites that are fit for families, there is a welcoming atmosphere about its home-like charm and conveniences. Who says you can’t have the very best while feeling like you’re in your own, special slice on Prince Edward Island. You can’t pack your house, but you can certainly find a home in the friendly faces, cheerful atmosphere and pristine comfort of the Shipwright.

Also a destination for specialized visitors, such as golfers, theatre-goers, foodies and historians. Each could benefit from the expertise that the Shipwright has to offer. Their prime location, the pinnacle of service, gourmet culinary experiences and of course, those 5 Stars which are reflected by the Innkeepers philosophy of excellence. They also offer specialized packages for couples, golfers and those looking to get the full land and sea Island experience.

I guess what I’m really trying to say is that no matter who you are, why you’re coming to PEI or looking to vacation, the Shipwright is simply perfect.

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