Monday, 1 June 2015

Meet Judy and Trevor the Innkeepers of the Shipwright Inn

The Shipwright Inn has a welcoming heart that can be found as soon as you walk through the front door. Judy and Trevor Pye are the Shipwright’s Innkeepers, but even more than that they’re also your extended family while visiting PEI. I knew this from the very first “Welcome” and tour of their home, which proved both the discerning taste and genuine caring of this delightful couple. It’s true that PEI is known across the globe for its’ gracious hospitality, it’s long been an object of admiration on account of its’ ‘salt of the earth’ people. Judy and Trevor are exemplary of that philosophy, giving the prime example of what experiencing PEI at its’ best is. They view their Inn as a family, taking that principle and letting it be a characteristic that fosters a very special environment for everyone

You can see Judy and Trevor above, standing next to one of the many historic and charming pieces in their home. In one of their parlors, this mantle is a special piece brought from an orphanage in Bunbury. You can feel the aura of history everywhere you turn at the Shipwright.

Having hosted for 12 years and continuing to host guests from every corner of the world, both are experts of making every moment a treasure for their guests. Whether the goal be a relaxing getaway to soothe your sense of an exciting journey to discover Canada’s smallest, but culturally robust Province, the Shipwright is equipped with the perfect hosts to make all those dreams a reality. Details that give off purely elegant touches that represent some of the Island’s finest offerings are brought directly to their guests. Using local specialties and overlooking nothing with a keen eye for the exceptional, saying that the Shipwright is the best is an understatement. It’s extraordinary.

Author Henry Van Dyke once wrote “Every house where love abides, and friendship is a guest, is surely home, and home sweet home, for there the heart can rest."

I believe this truly embodies the wonderful home that Judy and Trevor have made the Shipwright Hall into. It’s warmth and peace becomes every guest welcomed in and this is all thanks to the hearts that created a place for those who are from away to have a sense of belonging. This is coupled with the luxury of the Shipwright’s 5-Star service to make for a singularly wonderful place in a league of it’s own.

Yes, Judy and Trevor’s passion for excellence and drive to make others happy shines through in every aspect of the Shipwright. I feel grateful to be starting my journey in a place such as this that nurtures the true spirit of what being a guest is.

A rare and valuable blend of perfectionist and down to earth personality colors their presence and to me, that's a charm which is invaluable. They pair so nicely with the Shipwright's presence that the house and they feel very much a part of one another. Their guests all become a part of this as well through the memories created herein that fill each room, hall and line of their guestbook.

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