Wednesday, 3 June 2015

A Perfectly Delightful Morning at the Shipwright Inn

Good Morning, once again, from the beautiful Shipwright Inn!

Having had a tranquil sleep in the Crow’s Nest suite, I’ve awoken to feel so refreshed that I’m ready to take on the day. Well, take on the day after I have an incredible breakfast, that is. There’s no way I could ever miss out on Chef Shelby’s Breakfast. Here at the Shipwright, part of their 5 Star experiences includes the kind of breakfast you want to wake up early for. Gourmet, creative and fit for royalty; my morning wouldn’t be complete without partaking in this marvelous morning ritual.

This morning I got a chance to chat with Shelby as the put the finishing touches on her breakfast masterpiece and found out that her talent is fueled by a genuine passion and love for her work. A certified Red Seal Chef with extensive experience, her creativity is outstanding and she has the magic touch that elevates breakfast to a truly higher level.

Fitting in at the Shipwright Inn as if it were her very own home, Chef Shelby told me that she finds it just as relaxing and inspiring to work at her craft from the Inn as it is for the guests who stay here. Her contentment and how her heart is so involved in the Shipwright family is truly inspiring to me and speaks to how wholesome and inviting this Inn is for everyone who enters it. Innkeepers, Chef, Staff and Guests are all a part of its charm and draw.

Working with local ingredients and creating her fare from scratch, Chef Shelby’s commitment, integrity and downright ingenuity is a unique treasure. Making herself a Breakfast specialist, Chef Shelby explained that she find a true freedom of creativity from this most important meal of the day. That makes each meal as unique and diverse her as her imagination can conjure up. Sweet or savory, rich or airy, she takes the adaptive nature of Breakfast and uses it as a sort of canvas to make her own special mark on breakfast. Really, she makes the most important meal of the day, your most important meal of the day!

To start off, I’m once again spoiling myself with the Shipwright’s signature coffee and was so excited to see that this breakfast’s first offering was a Braided Blueberry Danish! Perfect with the slight spiciness of the Shipwright’s coffee and a sumptuous was to start off my day, this delectable pasty is just like breakfast cheesecake. With the fresh, juicy blueberries nestled inside a tender pasty and blended with sweet creamed cheese, I couldn’t get enough!

To follow that was one of the most pleasant breakfast surprises I’ve ever met my spoon to. Strawberry Peach Frozen Yogurt! That’s right, this smooth and creamy delight was a part of this morning’s breakfast, which just proves that nothing it too good to be true at the Shipwright! I could taste the goodness of pure fruit right away and in a word, it’s got to be the most gourmet (and fun) method of eating healthy. Topped with chopped strawberries, the taste of creamy yogurt and hint of sweet peach all combined to create an irresistible interlude during this morning’s meal.

I have to take the opportunity to make another shout out to both Meagan and Beverley for being such fantastic and sunshiney waitresses. The pair fill the dining room with their smiles from the very first cup of coffee and are so accommodating to each and every guest that they make you feel like family. Here they are with a sweet couple from Australia, serving them the main course from today’s breakfast! 

The main course this morning was a savory Spinach and Tomato Quiche with a side of Rustic Potatoes. Created on the base of a perfectly flakey and buttery crust that your Grandma would be jealous of, this generous slice of quiche was a definite crowd pleaser. Velvety, smooth and rich eggs housed garden fresh spinach and cherry tomatoes. With the slight hint of cheese, the earthy spinach and juicy tomatoes, every bite was bursting with flavor! The tomatoes were thick sliced with just enough cheese and delicate spices to flavor them into making the Island and it’s potato farmers proud. I’m firmly convinced that this is now the only way to eat potatoes in the morning. Or anytime, for that matter.

This morning the Dining Room was practically glowing with the fantastic energy of well-rested guests like me, everyone was excited to begin their day and were all enjoying one another’s company in such a friendly atmosphere. I personally met some wonderful fellow guests from across the globe! These delightful new friends come from Alabama, Rhode Island, Alberta and even as far as Australia! Each with our own exciting goals for the day ahead and already looking forward to swapping stories over breakfast tomorrow morning, I have a feeling we’ll each be inspiring one another to try out different places surrounding the Shipwright! It’s lovely to see how the Inn fosters such happiness and congeniality between guests, that’s one of the things that make Bed & Breakfasts a special place to stay. None more special than the Shipwright!

Now I’m off on my own sightseeing trip, walking throughout Historic Downtown Charlottetown, which surrounds the Shipwright! I can’t wait to share my day’s experiences with all of you and maybe even to make an excursion to one of Canada’s most famous literary sites! 

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