Sunday, 26 April 2015

PEI Burger Love: Fireball at the Prince Edward Restaurant

"I was born in a flame
Mama said that everyone would know my name
I'm the best you've ever had
If you think I'm burning out, I never am
I'm on fire"
- Fireball, Pitbull

Fireball, indeed! Heading out on PEI Burger Love's sure to be historic Guinness World Record making day, I wanted to start things off with a real bang! And from the first bite, an explosion of flavor is exactly what I discovered at the Prince Edward Restaurant. After all, with a name like Fireball, you know things are going to be intensely awesome, start to finish.

With a Prince Edward Restaurant style welcome, I knew my beefy desires were in the best of hands and could hardly wait to sink my teeth into owner Paul's creation. In order to fully respect the Fireball and all it had to offer though, I needed to get the story first. And I'm very glad I did.

Like a bolt of lightning, the idea for the Fireball was set aflame with inspiration! Paul Haddad, the owner and creative mind behind the Prince Edward Restaurant let his perfectionist nature show when designing this 2015 burger. After many attempts at creating something so tempting and ideal that it was irresistible, Paul's imagination conjured up a burger fit for Rap Royalty.

I always knew music was a good inspiration, but I never knew it could be such a delicious one!

It's dedication to the theme and taste paired with a labor of love and dash of culinary genius that makes the Fireball such an impactful burger! It's the kind of thing that makes your tastebuds want to get down and dance.

See what I mean? Its sheer presence is a call to action for your good taste.

From bun to beef, you'll gladly surrender to the Fireball.
Specially ordered, the bun holding all this flavor together is a custom job by Buns & Things. A touch of artisty, the poppy seeds are like the gunpowder that sets off this Fireball!

The first thing you'll notice about this burger is that it's untraditional in all the best ways! Carving it's own path, the Fireball is too cool, er, hot, for those typical burger topping suspects! Fire roasted sweet peppers, spicy maple bacon, ADL cheddar cheese and jalapeño poppers all accompany 7oz of pure Island beef!

Not only that...hours of preparation go into this creation!

Even the sweet peppers spend days soaking in pure PEI maple syrup just to prepare themselves for your burger eating pleausre. Just the first part of this sweet, spicy, savory creation, they're a perfect balance with with the rest of the flavors and textures that make up the Fireball.

Speaking of spice and texture, those jalapeño poppers? Both! Creamy and crunchy with a kick, they're definitely one with the burger. The cream cheese filling and cheddar blend together tastefully and with their playful addition all is perfect in the land of burger love.

Continuing the seamless theme of sweet and spicy, is a ceamy, spicy pesto sauce of Paul's own creation.  And...the BACON! Yes, this is no ordinary bacon. It's thick cut, maple, heavenly, bacon! With true patriot love, I've never been prouder to have maple syrup infused with anything! A touch of spice gives this perfect bacon all it needs to be hailed Canada's new national food.

All of these perfect ingredients come together on the stage of 7oz PEI's April Celebrity...pure, fresh delicious beef! Juicy and incredibly fresh tasting, there's nothing quite like making a Guinness World Record by sinking your teeth into a burger so perfect.

There's really no such thing as too much of a good thing with the Fireball. It's pure awesomeness and then some.

My and then some just happened to be the Prince Edward Restaurant's sweet potato fries, onion rings and juicy deep fried mushrooms with creamy ranch dipping sauce...Always a classic!

Passion for Burger Love, PEI and of course...Burger Love is what created the Fireball and will make you fall in love with it! I said Burger Love twice? Obviously! It's just that important.

Really though, after this burger love there's only one thing left to say...

I'm a Fireball!

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