Monday, 12 January 2015

Why You Need to Eat at Pizza & Poutine Company...Now!

There's something so very Canadian about french fries smothered in gravy and topped with cheese curds...

Yes, Poutine, that rich dish which has been hailed for it's deliciousness and subjected to creative culinary minds for years. It has evolved recently into a canvas of flavors and many people hunt for tasty new ways to partake in this Canadian Classic. Luckily on PEI we don't have much searching to do, because the Pizza & Poutine Company is a one-stop shop for all of your french fried incredible edibles.

Offering up a variety of more imaginative poutines than you can shake a french fry at, this Home Grown business is filled with hip and fresh flavors whether you're a veggie, gluten-free or just like to dig in to new fare. A popular haunt among locals, I'm one of those people who just finds thr owner Logan's creative menu irresistible. Between the Butter Chicken, the Mexican, Piglet and many more poutines, the biggest challenge is deciding what you'll have without ordering, well...everything!

As for me, I love it all, but one of my favorites is their take on an Island Classic...Loaded Fries. While this offering comes in the cheesy Poutine variety, on my regular visits, I go for it sans curds. Because as the name implies, these fries are loaded with flavor already! Yes, I've definitely gone as far as to say they're too good for ketchup. That's high society in the world of french fries, if you're wondering.

Don't eat your computer/tablet/phone, okay? I know it looks so tempting, but you've gotta go to Pizza & Poutine to get some for yourself! P & P's hand cut fries are on display here, mingling with all fresh sweet green pepper, onions, mushrooms and beef. On top of al that is their scrumptious savory gravy, rich and deep with flavor. The whole thing combines in taste to make a party in your mouth. It's got that savory edge with just a touch of sweet from the peppers and onions that make it a delicate balance amongst a hearty dish. Speaking of hearty...their portions are definitely just that. The small is easily a meal in and of itself, satisfying completely as that cute carton of their is stuffed with yum!

Is my fandom showing? GOOD! I want it to. I'm in love with the Pizza & Poutine Company that if given the talents I would do a Broadway number for them. Or something like that, anyways. On top of being a house for tastiness, it's also got charm in the sense that everyone is down to earth. Like Logan who I mentioned earlier. He's got that chill vibe that makes him friends with everyone who walks through the door. And Julia, another awesome Pizza & Poutine mainstay is just as sweet and friendly. Let's just say, if you haven't been there you need to go and if you have, why aren't you there right now!?

Of course, as their name so aptly implies, Poutine isn't the only thing you'll find at P & P. Pizza takes the spotlight too and you'll be excited to find their selection is just as yummy and inspired as their poutines so get out there and show your taste buds some lovin'!

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