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Sunday Brunch at Red Shore's Top of the Park Restaurant

I'm no stranger to Red Shores Top of the Park Restaurant, their buffets have magnetic force like nothing else which leaves me attached to their ever-changing variety of awe-inspiring culinary delights. I think I subtly got my point across on how awesome they are in a previous review "A Buffet Worth Marrying at the Top of the Park". Okay, so maybe I wasn't really subtle, but let's face it, when I'm that excited by food, how can I be anything but dramatic!

And while the Top of the Park's weekly buffets continue to wow me, they've made another fantastic addition to their restaurant. It's got everything that makes me sing the praises of their weekly offerings with the most important meal of the day thrown in; Breakfast! Yes, their Sunday Brunch, while only new has got enough rep to make you think it's been around since before ever.

Chef Andrew Smith's talent and sense of variety has always captured my imagination; he constantly comes out with unique menus for each spread at the Top of the Park and skillfully delivers the highest quality food in a buffet that will take your breath away. It's truly astounding, really and now with breakfast added into the mix, he just proves that going the distance is no problem for him. Add those qualities in with that winning smile and it's no wonder the regulars at the Top of the Park call him a celebrity!

Honestly, their whole crew it outstanding, Amanda a terrific part of the Culinary Team, Food Supervisor Beth, Waitresses Shelagh and Felicity, Hostess Sarah and everyone, there's warm welcomes, big smiles and genuine caring all around.

And while I could go on to you forever just about that, I know what you're here for and what I can't wait to tell you about...the food! A Brunch fit for royalty, there was everything you could want and even new favorites you didn't know you loved.

Starting off with breakfast, it's hard to pick what to talk about first... Chef Andrew's Stuffed French Toast is a great jumping off point though with this weekend variety being of the Chocolate Raspberry, "It's calling my name" variety. Literally, this French Toast is stuffed with raspberry cream cheese, drizzled with chocolate and then dusted with powdered sugar... But spiritually, it's stuffed, drizzled and dusted with epic. All that smooth, creamy goodness smothered between two pieces of French Toast made with french bread...Mmmmmm.

And as fate would have it, my own personal breakfast indulgence was there. Eggs Benedict, in all of is glory say on that buffet like it had been made for a Queen. Or me. Same thing, right? Well, not really, but it certainly tasted like some of the best Eggs Benedict I've ever had! A truly creamy delight with it's savory and buttery hollandaise atop a perfectly poached egg, tender, juicy ham and a toasty English muffin. All together, you can dial Y for Yum because this is a breakfast treat that'll steal your heart. It's already got mine. Seriously.

On top of those two very special pieces, there was a ton of other awesome breakfast items! The Mini Pancakes were not only cute, but so fluffy and buttery that they had all the comforts of home. Topped with the perfect blueberry compote companion and sweet, sweet pure maple syrup, I'm glad they're mini because that the perfect size for eating even more! Home Fries are obviously a breakfast staple and these potatoes paid tribute to the heartiness of these beloved PEI vegetable with a nice crisp and fluffy balance (if you love home fries, you know what I mean) and then prepared as if to say "Good Morning" with gentle and flavorful seasoning. The traditional with a culinary twist continues with Scrambled Eggs that were superbly fluffy, deliciously buttery and creamy with cheddar cheese mixed in for that savory little punch. Add in Classic Herbed Breakfast Sausage and Crispy Thick Cut Bacon and you think that would be perfect!

Not for Chef Andrew, he's got to have even more awesome, even more blow your mind out yumminess!

Now for the "Lunch" part of this Brunch, because the glory doesn't end at breakfast as you can see from the photos of my plate. I started myself with a bowl of Bacon Potato Soup which was smoky and yet mild as the creamy potato and bacon come together in this lovely soup. On the Carvery this Sunday was Maple Glazed Ham it was simply delicious, juiciness goes to a new level with the sweet hint of maple and succulent as always from the Top of the Park. After that I went for the Pork Button Bones with Orange Soy Glaze, which I honestly think speak for themselves from their name, but I will say that this was some serious fall off the bone meat that had a sinfully good glaze with the savory soy and contrast of the sweet, fragrant orange.

Now, there was even more to partake in when it comes to lunch at the Top of the Park's Brunch but I had to save some room for the...Desserts!

Chocolate Cherry Gluten Free Dreams Bars were what started off my dessert and they were dreamy, no pun intended. They were sweet and decadent, with candied cherries and chocolate ganache. Every bite of this little power house made me say "wow"! With desserts like this, Chef Andrew would make wheat-free living a sweet, sweet thing. The Lemon and Cream Cheese Danish was made up of layers of flaky and delicate pastry that wrapped themselves around a heart of sweet lemon curd and cream cheese. Honestly, if I could, I would have one of these every morning! Next is a dessert that British Columbia would be proud of! The Cafe Latte Nanaimo Squares were sweet with a hint of espresso-y goodness that's ideal for me and my coffee obsessed personage. Last but certainly not least I had a Lemon Curd Tart and this little delight made me feel like I should be at a garden party with lace gloves, sipping tea and discussing literature and life. Any dessert that can make a girl feel like a proper lady is certainly worth lots of kudos to me!

And that's not all! I wasn't able to take in everything at the Top of the Park's Brunch, but I hope that I'm able to bring you a little closer and hungrier for this delectable buffet!

For those who're really curious there were herb and garlic mussels with melted butter, steamed vegetables, whipped potatoes, spicy chicken wings, steamed vegetables, a whole salad bar of fresh veggies and cool salads, rolls, squares, gourmet cookies bread pudding, three different pies, pudding parfait, sugar-free desserts...and more! Wow, that's a mouthful. Literally.

My suggestion? Go to the Top of the Park, especially for their Brunch and always try to call ahead and make reservations because, this place, like any amazing entity in the world is in high demand so everyone wants to get in on this buffet! And here's a helpful little tip, the Father's Day Brunch is coming up this month to book ahead for that too and treat your Darling Dad to the brunch of his life!
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With it being so easy to taste and see why they're so popular, you must be left wondering what I think is the very best part of this Buffet...


'Nuff said.

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