Monday, 28 April 2014

PEI Burger Love: The Tropical Storm at The Prince Edward Restaurant

I'm telling everyone something right now, if PEI tasted like a Hamburger, the Tropical Storm is it, people!

Today, I experienced my 20th Burger Love creation of 2014 and it's the perfect representation of a Burger that stands for every generation and is fueled by the selfless passion of Chef, Owner and Tropical Storm Creator, Paul Haddad. It was my first visit to the Prince Edward Restaurant and now I know what all the buzz is about, from my first taste it was apparent why I often see cars flocking to the Prince Edward to satisfy their hunger with down to earth, honest to goodness PEI fare.

It's family friendly atmosphere was even more apparent from my waitress Kristie who's so friendly and personable that not only did she get along with me like a friend but I also observed that she was just as genuine and caring with every other guest at the Prince Edward! We're talking about some seriously awesome people that made my experience memorable before i even got to the Burger!

Speaking of which, this Tropical Storm is just as welcome as the Burgers in April and it's just the weather shift we've been waiting for!

There's so much to love, starting with 12 of pure Island Beef and complimenting it with PEI Handcrafted Cheddar Cheese, Homemade Sweet & Spicy Tangy Sauce, Grilled Onions, Relish, Smoked Island Honey Ham, Jalapeno Havarti, Triple Smoked Bacon, Pickles, Fresh Tomato, Iceberg Lettuce and Ketchup all on a Toasted Sesame Bun!

And I'll tell you right now, the Tropical Storm is a smooth talker! From my very first bite, it had me captivated and wanting to know more and more of it's amazing flavors that bring you more in love with each bite. Completely blown away by this taste of pure PEI tradition, I just couldn't want to get on my blog and tell all of you about this Burger that's fueled by what's made Islanders adore burgers for decades!

Everything about this burger is exactly what your dreaming off with a tempting scent and tangy heat that's just enough warm your heart like a Summer's Day! With refreshing toppers of sweet and juicy fruit, I had a great time indulging in the luscious strawberry, crisp honeydew melon and of course, my favorite, the always perfect...pineapple!

Of course, all the fruit was tasty and great but let's talk about what we're all here for, the beef!

With it's deep and rich flavor, there's no quality spared on this massively impressive Burger, All 12oz of Island Beef are so fresh that it melts on your mouth and tastes like pure PEI. The triple smoked bacon is so crispy and has a perfect crunch with smoke that stands up boldly in this burger of dynamic flavors. Next the Honey Ham is succulent while being smoky and sweet, bringing together all of the meats with the rest of the Storm's yumminess. Of course, since this is all Island meats it completes the package and ties this burger up with a bow of genuine local flavor!

And with no types of cheese it's no wonder this Burger is a dream come true for me! They lend their flavors to every bit of this burger and create a party in your mouth with their creamy, savory and even a little bit of spicy. The ADL Handcrafted Cheddar is even lovingly hand sliced from the massively awesome blocks that the Prince Edward Restaurant orders in. No wonder everything tastes so fresh. And that Jalapeno Havarti had just enough attitude that anyone can enjoy it's pleasant subtle heat while savoring the smooth coolness of the cheese's base.

With all the fresh veggies in the mix, the Tropical Storm his that careful balance of epic Burger Love beauty and classically loved Burger for the ages. It's divine and flavor packed with the pickles and condiments giving it a sensation of the most delicious mustard pickles your Grandmother can't even make! The grilled onions add another sweet and savory piece to this culinary treasure that's got Chef Paul's years of expert knowledge behind it. Oh and of course, you didn't think I'd forget that Heavenly Sweet & Spicy Tangy Sauce, did you? Well, Chef Paul worked hard at perfecting the ideal flavor for his Burger Love creation and it's part of what makes this Burger worthy of your love!

Ever heard of the rare conditions that need to take place in order for a so called "Perfect Storm" to take place? Well meteorologists, you've met your match, this is the Perfect Storm!

And of course such a perfect burger needs a perfect side! I got a combination of Deep Fried Mushrooms and Sweet Potato Fries to go along side the Tropical Storm and they were magnificent! The Deep Fried Mushrooms were so yummy, their's natural warmth accentuated by the coating and then countered by the cool, light and creamy ranch dip with which they were paired. I could have sat and ate those crunchy little morsels one after another for a good long time and I will be returning for more! And those Sweet Potato Fries? They're sweet fries. Seriously, those are some happy potatoes right there, thin, crisp and all ready for you to rejoice in like the rest of the awesome food at the Prince Edward!

Well, I think I've made my impression pretty clear. The Tropical Storm is a true and satisfying meal through and through with that unique taste that makes it an Islander in and of itself. I kept licking my fingers so I wouldn't miss one little taste, it was just that excellent!

And let me just add...I love ya Boomer, but I have to say that you've never gave forecast of a storm as great as this one!

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