Tuesday, 29 April 2014

PEI Burger Love: The Redneck Monte Cristo at The Factory Cookhouse


I've always thought of myself as a bit of an Urban girl and have even been called such things as a Hipster and "Nerdster", but today, on this the second last day of Burger Love, I'm a thoroughbred Redneck! And why this incredible and completely drastic change? The Redneck Monte Cristo at The Factory Cookhouse, of course! That Burger has got some powerfully cool flavors to make even the staunchest of businessmen or "cool kid" to start stomping their feet a good ol' country tune and sing along!

The Redneck Monte Cristo has the makings of a classic Hamburger with just enough Cookhouse kick to send it into high gear for this Burger Loving April! With it's authentic country atmosphere and super friendly people, like my waitress today, Lisa, the Cookhouse is always a favorite...so I knew this was going to be a great Burger Love! A burger that's truly worthy of breakfast, lunch and dinner, this Monte Cristo is so much more than just a take on the popular sandwich from which it took it's cue. It's an experience and honestly, I couldn't go through Burger Love without seeing what PEI Beef tastes like on French Toast, I mean seriously! The Cookhouse is so creative that it took one of their own signature brunch favorites and put our own favorite beef between it! ...Oh yeah, that just blew your mind, I can tell.

The Redneck Monte Cristo starts with the best of the best, using 7oz of Island Beef and then goes all yokel on you by adding in Swiss Cheese, Breakfast Ham, Romaine Lettuce, Tomato, Hamburger Pickles, Bacon and the Factory's Signature BBQ Sauce with Peanut Butter all between pieces of Cinnamon French Toast!

Chef Mark Duffy did a great job putting together my plate of awesomeness and that first bite was everything I was expecting! The rustic allure of this Burger gave off scents of sweet, spice, smoke and salt, all of the divine flavors that make April such a terrific month! The crunch of the bacon and veggies met the sauciness of the Peanut Butter BBQ which paired with the meat and cheese for a perfect little line dance of tastes! It was that bite which transformed me!

Of course the Island Beef adapted perfectly to this array of flavors and made a super awesome beefy base upon which this Burger is built! Juicy and true to it's traditional beefiness, it's definitely the star of this unconventionally cool creation! With layers of thing sliced succulent bacon and smoky bacon with the best crunch, we're talking a meat trio that sings love songs to you as you dig in! With the uniqueness of the Swiss Cheese put in the mix, the two smooth and creamy slices lent their one-of-a-kind tang to the Redneck Monte Cristo. Gotta love that Swiss! In fact...gotta love everything about this Burger!

Suble Peanut Butter comes through in the house made Signature BBQ Sauce which is served on the side so you can add as much of this playfully luscious stuff as you want! Smoky with the sweet and salty notes of the peanut butter makes it's personality perfect with this Burger Love Creation. The fresh and crisp veggies played a part in how this Burger remains a classic while playing the Redneck and I gotta say the dill in the Hamburger Pickles really played nicely with the Swiss Cheese!

And of course, the thing you've all been waiting to hear about. The french toast! Well, it adds great texture as the burger bun and is very fun with that little bit of cinnamon-y warmth. It acts like French Toast has been playing Hamburger Bun from the dawn of time. Or at least since the dawn of Burgers. It's extremely natural tasting with all of the Redneck Monte Cristo's components and so while it's a hip little feature to add in and a great story to tell people about; the French Toast is just as much a part of this Burger as the beef!

And I pulled a double threat with my side today! Whoa! Bet you didn't see that coming. I couldn't decide between the House Made Chili or the Bacon Wrapped Corn. They're both Cookhouse signatures and totally delectable! And so, as anyone when faced with such a difficult decision I did the only thing I could do. Choose both! Oh yeah, that's the way I roll. The Chili came with this adorable little house made mini corn muffin that when pair with the Chili tasted like they were made for one another! Made with fresh veggies and tons of smoked meat including pulled pork, this chili is the meatiest I've ever had! It's got tons of flavor with only a moderate heat so anyone can love it. And the corn, on that corn so aromatic with it's sweet and smokiness. The bacon was crunchy, the corn juicy and buttery. Sweet, salty, smoky and you guessed it, yummilicious! Do I really need to say more? It doesn't get much more classic then these two sides at the Cookhouse!

And then there was one. One more day left of Burger Love after today's fateful sunset and so, saddle up Pardner and ride your faithful steed down to the cookhouse before this incredibly unique and awesome burger slips between your fingers! ...And since I'm an incurable bookworm, I just have to add that the Count would love this Monte Cristo!

So, now if you'll excuse me, I think I'll cap off my day as an honorary Redneck by watching an episode of Duck Dynasty.

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