Wednesday, 30 April 2014

PEI Burger Love: Paul Bunyan Burger at The Orange Lunchbox

Timber! I just axed a giant! ...Or rather, a giant Burger Love creation! The Orange Lunchbox's Paul Bunyan Burger was just the farewell kiss I needed on this, the very last day of Burger Love. It's a bittersweet day for all of us Islanders, thinking back on the happy memories of all the Burger's we've courted and suddenly realizing that when we wake up tomorrow on May 1st, our love affair has come to an end...

Well I knew exactly what I wanted and that was to head down to the Big Orange Lunchbox. Some of you may recall, but last year my final Burger Love was the Box's Ric Flair Donair Burger and this year, I was going to continue that tradition by taking on the Paul Bunyan! I always expect perfection from Chef James Oja and his Team, because honestly, that's what I've always gotten. And I'm not the only one that loves the Big Orange Luncbox, it's gotten attention across our fair Country!

This week it's being featuring on the Marilyn Denis talk show, Daily Planet featuring Clara Hughes, because she loves the Box so much that she personally requested Chef James bring his food truck to the waterfront and meet with him and of course, on "You Gotta Eat Here!"...which if you take a look at the Box's episode you might see someone a little familiar. All of this honestly adds up to the hard work and inexhaustible talent that's constantly put into the Box every day and they deserve all the accolades that they receive.

So I want to give a huge virtual hug to Chef James Oja for creating food (and burgers) my tummy loves, Jason for always being so cool and making great conversation, Cecily for being a sweetheart of a foodie and Drew Lovelock, the crafter of the my Burger today and is downright rockin' man in the photo!

And so, the Paul Bunyan; a Burger that's as legendary as it's namesake is my delicious farewell to Burger Love and oh what a perfect selection it was!

Beginning it's story with 6oz of Island Beef, this Burger is decked out with a whole tale's worth of ingredients. 3 Strips of Double Smoked Bacon, Black Garlic Aioli, Caramelized Onions, Pickled Hot Banana Peppers, Goat Cheese, Mozzarella and Cheddar Cheese, Black Forest Ham, Butter Head Lettuce, Tomato and Two Eggs all between two amazing Savory Cheese Waffles is what I'm going to be telling generation after generation of little ones about in years to come!

As I took that very first of the last bites of Burger mouth wouldn't let me take a break! I loved this Burger SO much that I didn't even want to take times to write down notes! But for your benefit, my friend, I curbed my obsession just enough to bring you this review. So you better thank my super-human will power, since the Big Orange Lunchbox always takes awesome seriously which means this burger, by extension was seriously awesome.

Of course, the first thing to hit me was the beef! It's so juicy and hearty, you can tell that it loves being on this burger because every bite I take this perfectly seasoned patty joins in with each unique flavor. I think this time not only am I in love, but so is the beef! I think that's a true double meaning of Burger Love, when the Burger's in love too. Adding to the meaty flavors of this burger was super thick cut and ultra smoky bacon that's got crunchy perfected. Mmmmmm. And the ham. That glorious Black Forest Ham! I've been a ham fan since I can remember and I know great ham when I taste it and this ham was AWESOME!

Then there was that heavenly blend of cheeses that brought this Burger's appeal even more sky high in my opinion! The Goat Cheese was mild and smooth, creating an overall creamy experience while the Mozzarella became melty with it's smooth flavor and cheddar of course was smooth and savory, all in all a trio of flavors and a trio of textures!

Of course the Black Garlic Aioli was another creamy, sweet and salty presence that I fell in love with that reminds me just how lucky we are to have such great food forward Culinary minds on the Island. Black Garlic is a delicacy that while most people picture on dainty plates holds it own yummiliciously when on a Burger! It's just another one of Chef Jame's Oja's flair for taking the unexpected and adding it into his awesome creations! Add in great caramelized onions and an array of fresh veggies for a mountain of Burger Love! Oh and I can't forget the mild heat of the Pickled Banana Peppers because...Paul Picked a Peck of Pickled Peppers for his Perfect...Burger!

I bet you're wondering if Waffles and Eggs were awesome on a burger? DUH! They're not just awesome they're that word which so much better than awesome that it can't even exist because our minds would be blown if it did! These fluffy waffles were so deliciously savory with their clear herbal notes and the cheddar was so...cheddary. I want them for breakfast every single morning! And the eggs? Well, they've been a traditional beef topping in different countries for many, many years and so it makes sense they'd be perfect on a burger. The velvety yolk is so perfect with the beef that it must be tasted to be believed!

On the side, I couldn't resist some of the Box's delicious poutine! So I went for the Donald Duck Poutine and you can see from the photo how happy it made me. I'm certainly a lucky duck to eat this taste tempting plate of goodness. Their always perfect handcut fries are topped with rich gravy, sweet and smoky Asian pulled duck, cool and tangy blue cheese and fried pepperoni! Honesty, the first place I ate duck was the Box and I'll only get it there because they know how to make it just right for my taste buds! The blue cheese with it is a perfect match and does so much more than cheese curds ever could! This whole plate is smothered in so much yum that it should have been the legendary Paul Bunyan's friend in those stories, forger Babe the Blue Ox!

As you can tell this is one happy burger (and poutine) that left me wearing an incurable grin that will last me all the way until next April! It's been an amazing month of culinary creations that are way beyond my imagination. I'm so happy to have taken part in this and shared it with all of you passionate eaters and curious Burger Lovers. Keep Burgering!

Oh and I got the good on what's happening at the Big Orange Lunchbox from Jason today! You had all better get down there at 7pm on May 5th to Celebrate Cinco De Mayo OLB Style! They're hosting a Taco Challenge of epic proportions where entrants get all you can eat Tacos for $25.00 and compete for fabulous prizes! For those of us who just want to sit back and watch there's going to be live entertainment with no cover, specials and just a fun time to be had by all! So make sure you're there!

Here's a little something else for you to look forward to; a little Burger might have told me that the winds of change could be breezing by the menu at the Big Orange Lunchbox this Spring.

And so I sign off from April, 2014 saying, Good Night and Good Burger~

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