Monday, 21 April 2014

PEI Burger Love: The Koopa Burger at Casa Mia

Today I left my heart at Casa Mia! In fact, I think they had my heart long before I even stepped in the door...

Let me explain, the origin of Casa Mia's Burger Love creation comes from the classic Mario video game series and having grown up between being an artist and gamer, the moment I saw The Koopa on the Burger Love Website, my heart went right out to it! And while that's one degree of love, I fell into a whole new experience of Burger Love today that I didn't even know was possible!

So, decked out in my Super Mario Bros. shirt, I made my journey into this incredible Burger's lair.

The creative passion and total dedication of Chef Nathan at Casa Mia showed me that not only is the Koopa one outstandingly delicious burger, it's an actual love letter to Island Beef. If you've tasted the Koopa you'll know what I mean, it's all about presenting Island Beef to us passionate eaters in a way that is the highest compliment to this wildly popular natural resource of ours. With it's dynamic and tempting flavors, this burger a total work of art.

It's as enchanting as all of the wonderful people as Casa Mia, waitresses Janey and Elly, patsry Chef Joanne and the person to whom I owe my very Burger Love, Chef Nathan. I had the best time ever sitting down at chatting with him, to which I found a budding chef who has skill, wisdom and understanding for a veteran far beyond his years. Oh, and personality to boot! With his solid commitment to excellence that's part of every taste of The Koopa I am beyond impressed.

I mean who couldn't be impressed with this spread of flavors that are all 100% dedicated to making the beef as taste tempting as possible!? With 5oz of Island Beef spiked with Lamb Shoulder, Sirloin and infused with Mushroom Dexelle (which is Ground Mushrooms, Shallots and Herbs), you've got a super star patty right there! Add in Wild Mushroom Conserva, Chimichurri, Caramelized Onions, Pickled Red Onions and Cheddar Cheese all on a Homemade Bun with the an adorable PEI Potato topper sautéed in butter and...Yeah, I'm going back to Casa Mia right now--hold the review!

Seriously though, from it's topper to it's bottom, the Koopa has got personality and enthusiasm. The little Potato garish is so cute but it's also got savory, smooth and perfectly crisped in the butter for ideal flavor! Oh and if I haven't said enough yet about Chef Nathan, you should know that he's the one who hand cut every single potato garnish for The Koopa. If that's not dedication to every single burger that goes out into the Dining Room, I don't know what is.

With the very first bite, I knew this Burger is game on! Immediately I knew I was eating something special; with it's blend of refreshing flavors mingling with a authentically rich Beef, Lamb and Mushrooms, I knew I was taking my relationship to the next level with this beefy hero.

The moist and hearty beef was perfectly seasoned and refined with elegant flavors that I didn't even know was possible for beef to have! A combination of Chuck and Sirloin Beef along with the Lamb Shoulder achieves  a goal of texture and flavor perfection! It's smooth and rustic, it's juicy and tender while maintaining that signature heartiness that has made Burgers so popular. It's everything you want it to be and more, which is no small wonder with how Chef Nathan truly honor Island Beef, choosing to make everything around the beef compliment it like it's the most popular kid in High School. I'm not sure I've had quite so much to say about Beef before, but with how every piece of the Koopa's culinary puzzle is based on highlighting the Island Beef, who can blame such a passionate eater as I?

And what about those flavors? All those brilliant flavors that were more satisfying to eat than any high score I've ever beaten or any goal I've achieved in the realm of gaming? Well, let's see...they've got more skills that Mario has when it comes to rescuing Princess Peach. Why the Princess comparison? Because the Koopa made me feel like a Princess, so go with it. Alright?

The Chimichurri is was deliciously fresh tasting, lending it's flavors to the fluffy and classic bun while tying in with the crispness of the Pickled Red Onions which had their own characteristically pleasant attitude. These flavors which are cool and clean as a Summer Breeze marry with the warmth of the Caramelized Onion and earthy mushrooms to give  the Koopa a depth of flavor. Because let's face it, when you ingredients praise Island Beef and give kudos to one another, you're the one who comes out a Winner. A very spoiled, completely satisfied and love-struck Winner.

So what does all the equate to? A Burger that's phenomenal to the very. last. bite.

Now, you would think it couldn't get any better than that, wouldn't you? Well, you're wrong, my friend! Because my side was just as much a piece of culinary artistry as the Koopa. Warm, smooth and crispy Hash Browns were the perfect accompaniment. Those PEI Potatoes were doing the happy dance on my tongue! With generous chunks of perfectly cooked Potatoes, their skins all crispy and ready to be eaten, rich caramelized onion and crispy green onion. I'm pretty much on Rainbow Ride just thinking about it! (Which is something like Heaven to all you normal people.) They're so much more than Hash Browns and the best way to describe them? They taste like "I want a whole lot more, right now!"

On top of all that, me being the kind of girl I am, can't pass a dessert case without a little extra look and when I peered in Casa Mia's to find Chef Joanne's House Made Mocha Rum Cheese Cake, I went straight back to my table and ordered a slice of awesomeness for myself. It's exceptionally smooth and rich with every bite with an intense and blissful chocolate touched with rum and coffee. (Which just happen to be two of my favorite drinks in a slice of my favorite cake. I know, right?) It's perfection when paired with the light and airy yet equally rich whipped cream. Every velvety and decadent bite crowns your taste buds in luxury that can't be missed for any dessert enthusiast. Which begs the do you put Cloud Nine in a cake!? How do you do it, Chef Joanne!?

All in all on my visit to Casa Mia I found that I could taste the sheer pride of work that goes into every creation by these gifted Culinary Artists. As an eater who wants to bring to you the best of the best, it's truly humbling to be in the presence of such passionate and kind people, it refreshes my passion as well and it will yours when you taste the food philosophy that stands behind the Koopa.

I'm truly excited to return to Casa Mia again and again...and again.

My palate definitely found Burger Love in the Koopa and I know I found one of the most passionate Chef's ever with a future brighter than I can likely imagine. (Can I say Television Series? Are you reading this CBC?)

Oh and for all you Gamers out there; The Burger Love is NOT in another Castle, it's right here, at Casa Mia!

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