Sunday, 27 April 2014

PEI Burger Love: The King Fritter at Hunter's Ale House

Did you hear the news? I'm Burger Queen for the day!

...Okay, so maybe I'm not officially Burger Queen, but when the King Fritter and I had our rendezvous this afternoon, I certainly felt like a Queen. And isn't that the sign of a great Burger? Something that makes you feel at the best of yourself (and maybe even a little more). So, that's how today, I felt my most regal and had the delicious Burger Love creation at Hunter's Ale House become the King of my heart!

Famous for their massive portions at Hunter's, Chef Matt Bakker decided to channel his passion for all things breakfast this year instead of going for another mile high Burger Love Creation. And while the King Fritter might not be high in stature but it's got a whole castle worth of flavors that after being served up to thousands of Burger Love guests, it's attracted a whole Kingdom worth of happy, satisfied subjects!

With one of the undoubtedly most unique buns for a Burger, the King Fritter is not only imaginative but also an awesome tribute to Island Beef! With 7oz of the good stuff, 100% Island Beef, Breakfast Ham, Crispy Bacon, a Fried Egg Over-easy and the Ultimate Hollandaise Sauce between two thick and crispy delicious Apple Fritters this breakfast inspired burger gives  your heart a Kingly wake up call with it's regal and fun-loving nature!

To be honest, the first day when I read through all 54 Burger designs the King Fritter stood out to me. I'm into really creative, cool and hip things and the whole fritter as a bun thing was immediately cool and I knew that there was a great story behind reading this burger. I'm already counting the people I'm going to tell about this once in a lifetime type of Burger. And you, my friends reading this are the inaugural fritter-story hearers.

And so let's start at the very beginning with that first pure bliss creating bite! No matter how good I thought the King Fritter looked in person or even how spectacular it sounded in it's description, that's not even a little big of preparation for how amazing this Burger Tastes! It's a whole lot of OMB! ...That's "Oh, My Burger!" in case you're wondering.

I usually finish off with the bun, but since it's such a feature on this creation, let's just chat about that first. It takes the beet to a new level, the apple awakens the lesser known fresh and light notes of the beef while the warm baking spices like nutmeg and cinnamon accentuate the warmer for a unique position of flavor on the tongue that's a huge part of the King Fritter's appeal. So while those fritters are a perfect sweet and savory with a crisp edge, in the end, it's all about the Beef, bringing out it's best and reintroducing people's taste buds to how unique and adaptable of a meat it really is. Add two smoky aspects of pork into the mix for a meaty, juicy, savory Burger that has easily earned it's title of "King Fritter"!

Can I just say something for a moment that I've been absolutely bursting to get out? BEST. HOLLANDAISE. EVER. ahem. Well, it's true! Ultimate, indeed! There's no need to be modest when you've got such a velvety sauce to grace this burger with. It's clear that Chef Matt shares my love of Hollandaise and thankfully, has the talent to execute this sauce of pure, buttery goodness. Mingling with the flavors of the burger and yolk of the over easy egg and it's the true golden crown of the King Fritter. Speaking of the egg, it was stupendous on the burger, I've said it before and I'll say it again, egg on burger is a little known culinary treasure that is truly done justice on this burger!

And I bet you're drooling over that plate of deliciously smothered goodness beside this text, aren't you? Well, that's completely understandable. That's my side, the inimitable Turkey Dinner Poutine that is one of ten signature Poutine dishes that Hunter's offers. They've got everything from Mac and Cheese Poutine to Chicken Curry Poutine and I sincerely intend to go and try each one; sort of a foodie Bucket List item, if you will. This first of my Hunter's Poutine experiences was topped with House Made Stuffing, House Made Gravy and truly fresh Turkey and when I saw that plate my eyes nearly fell out of my head! There's no way I'm serving traditional Turkey Dinner, next Thanksgiving, I'm having Hunter's cater with this poutine!

Those piled high golden and crunchy fries are smothered with creamy gravy that's worth walking across the Island for! Along with Stuffing seasoned to such perfection that I swear Chef Matt's got to be hiding a Mother in his kitchen, because it's even better than home! All with savory cheese curds. peas and succulent turkey this Canadian classic is taking a hint from one of PEI's favorite meals! I'm certainly giving thanks for Hunter's with this poutine.

With only four days left to get out there and enjoy Burger Love, don't get lost on your search for Love! Look no further than Hunter's Ale House for this whole meal that's fit for royalty! The King Fritter will make you feel like your a Burger Love Royal!

P.S. A big hello to Jeff the awesomely friendly Manager at Hunter's and Steve, their ultra-cool manager!

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