Friday, 25 April 2014

PEI Burger Love: The Imperial at The Pilot House

The word Imperial brings forth many, many mental images. Thoughts of absolute rulers, the most eloquent of Empires in History, things of beauty and priceless value. And while all of those are awakened by a simple word, none of them is so powerful as the image, taste and scent of The Pilot House's PEI Burger Love 2014 creation; "The Imperial".

Today was the destined time for me to meet with a true Emperor amongst Burgers, who, like the Eternal City itself will stand proud, tall and tasty through endless generations of adoring eaters. With well over one-thousand burgers already come before my turn to eat this beloved Burger and with a prospective of 2,000 Burgers to be the total served by the end of April means there are a whole lot of Imperial Devotees! ...And I'm one of the most devoted to this Burger made of pure awesome!

My visit was made even more epic by the awesome staff at the Pilot House! A big shout our to Richard for being, friendly, welcoming and genuine as he always is, Joel for sharing his passion of Burger Love in a fun little chat and of course, to Chef Jared Acorn, the strong and talented culinary presence to whom I owe my love of The Imperial.

And oh, what an easy Burger to fall in love with! The very same way that The Pilot House's 2013 creation pulled me head over heels, so did the Imperial without even a taste. My knowledge of their devotion to creating food of the highest caliber was assurance enough that I was walking in on one of the best burgers of 2014! But let's face it, for all of you Pilot House first timers, just a look at these ingredients will take your heart away!

The Imperial's got it all from a 6oz of Demiglazed Grilled Island Beef, Balsamic Marinated Portobello Mushroom, Caramelized Onions, Four Year Old Aged Cheddar, Roasted Red Pepper, Dill Pickle, Maple Dressed Arugula, Sour Cream and Mustard Aioli all on a Potato and Chive Toasted Bun. That's one Burger that I don't mind ruling my heart and taste buds!

And rule it did, as the Roman's would say with true "Imperium", absolute and total power! The very moment I sunk my teeth into tis Burger it's flavors enveloped me with a potency that could only come from pure culinary genius and 100% Island Beef! It's as simply delicious as a Burger can get, every taste filled to the max with refined flavor. Every piece of this burger compliments the other as a whole and even separately which creates a total sensory experience that takes over every inch of a Burger Lover's imagination, adoration and any other -ation that you can possibly think of! It's all consuming deliciousness seems to mirror the perfection that the Romans strove for and what made them what's considered one of the greatest Empire's to have ever existed.

Am I comparing The Imperial to that? You bet I am!

The juicy, demiglazed beef is so fresh it's mind-blowing! Much like last year's Soul Mates, The Imperial has got the clean, crisp and hearty notes that are PEI Beef's signature down to an art, so much so that I relish in the true flavors of our amazing beef. Paired with the portabello, which is a strong and almost beefy presense, the two blend together with potent fluency. Not only that, but every ingredient, as it blends with the other and comes together against the beef is another part of what makes this burger incredible!

With warm, savory, melty and sharp aged cheddar that soothes the palate matching wits with the cool and creamy sour cream and mustard aioli, there's a divine balance on your tongue that's decadent and smooth. Never before have a had an aioli that's both refreshing and intensely creamy as the one on the Imperial is, it truly impressed the mature part of my palate that thrives on fine dining. Well, after I stopped melting at how much deliciousness my senses were being assailed by!

And truly fitting of the sophisticated nature of this burger, the vegetables that graced it took on the high responsibility of being on the Pilot House's Burger! Of course, I've already raved to you about the hearty Portabello, but there was more! Sweet and warm, the Roasted Red Peppers were smooth and lovely, alongside caramelized onions that were a perfect balance alongside both the pepper and the very skillfully balanced attitude of the Arugula with it's sweet and charming Maple dressing. Let's just say, that perfection never tasted so good.

All of these tantalizing ingredients on a smooth, toasty and refreshing Potato Chive Bun that's got all of the heartiness to hold up with the rest of these powerful flavors and take part in the perfectly devised plan to steal your deepest of love and respect.

And so, I had to have an equally fitting side to this delicious Island based creation and what better than hand cut Island fries? Today is, after all, the very last day of Fry-Day for this year's Burger Love Campaign and so what kind of Burger Lover would I be if I didn't eat fries on this most important of days? And of course, like everything else at the Pilot House, their fries are fantastic! Golden delicious with their signature Chipotle Aioli that's not just great on our favorite spuds, but also on their sweet potato fries. Creamy with a touch of heat and loads of taste the Aioli dressed up these potatoes in the equivalent of a French Fry's Tux. Crunch with a fluffy and potato-ey inside? Yup, the perfect plate of fries for Fry-Day!

Want a burger that will completely wow you and send your taste buds and heart soaring? Well, look no further, the Pilot House is a choice destination for a taste of refinement and of course, all encompassing yummy! I promise that The Imperial has the power to rule your heart with everything you love and more.

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