Thursday, 17 April 2014

PEI Burger Love: The Big Sheppy at The Old Triangle

Today my Burger Love adventure drew me into The Old Triangle, not only the reigning Champions of Porktoberfest 2013, but also the home of the incredible looking Burger Love creation, "The Big Sheppy!" Inspired by the ever popular Shepherd Pie on the Triangle's menu, this burger sees that classic dish updated, Burger Love style!

A collective effort of the creative minds at The Old Triangle, the awesome Chef Kent Wilson came out to have a chat with me about this delectable Burger. Extremely passionate about house made, locally sourced ingredients, I was instantly impressed by their dedication to not only Burger Love but excellence when it comes to everything The Triangle has to offer. Not only that, but the whole restaurant exudes a cheery warmth that can only be because the staff is not merely colleagues but more akin to family. From owners Jill and Paul to waitress Sam, I had the best time chatting about passion for everything PEI and the excitement that Burger Love has generated!

And as I saw The Big Sheppy making it's way to my table, I could tell instantly why it's been served to over 600 very happy Islanders! It smells like all of the comforting things
you could imagine and had a delightfully charming presence with it's flower-like swirl of mashed potatoes. You can't get more classic than this Burger, it's a timeless tradition of its own.

And with that first bite, I discovered the sheer smoothness of the Sheppy and even though it was chilly outside, my heart and soul was instantly warmed by this fantastic Burger! It was the kind of first bite you write home about: "Wish you were here so you could try this amazing Burger. But get your own 'cause it's way to good to share!" It's just as much a burger as it is shepherd's pie and it mirrors all of my favorite things about both dishes!

With 8oz of Island Beef, Smoked Bacon, Herbed Mashed Potatoes with Creamed Corn, Beef Gravy and Deep Fried Squash Frites on a Grilled Cornmeal Bun it's the best thing since Shepherd's Pie!

Hearty ground beef gives it the perfect Shepherd's Pie texture and spiced to perfection it lands that careful and super tasty balance that this burger sports with total flair. Pair that with the smoky crispy bacon, because, seriously people; bacon. It's best on everything and with how delicious it tastes on the Sheppy, Shepard's Pie should take a hint and include bacon! The smooth beef gravy brings out the best in both of these meats and accentuates them so that they make you "Oooo", "Ahhh" and more importantly "Mmmmm", yourself into Burger Love Bliss!

Now, let me just say that PEI Potatoes have never been so proud as they are all swirly and creamy on top of the Sheppy, nestled around a heart of Cream Corn, these herbed mashed potatoes are truly Island inspired yum! These two flavors are a huge part of what makes this a real tribute to Shepherd's Pie and they pull that off perfectly. But the Sheppy's depth doesn't end at the all embracing creaminess of the potatoes and corn! There are also crispy squash frites which are pleasantly sweet and add another aspect of texture to The Sheppy.

On a locally made MacAulay's Bakery Cornmeal Bun, this fluffy and light bun ties everything together, especially with a the light dusting of cornmeal atop it that brings out the flavors of the Burger even more!

As my side, I picked an bowl of soup that I had no idea how much I would love! I propose that we announce next month as "Soup Love", so that I have an excuse to go in an have a bowl of Chef Phillip's amazing soups everyday! Then again, with a fresh daily creation at The Triangle, every day pretty well is Soup Love! This house made Cream of Turkey and Vegetable Soup was laden generously with juicy chunks of turkey! It's irresistibly creamy base was hearty and perfect on the palate, herbed to compliment the turkey, this soup is even better than anything your mother's made! Topped with crispy squash frites and it's warm creaminess, this soup was an ideal mate to The Big Sheppy!

The true comfort food of PEI Burger Love, The Big Sheppy has my heart from the very first sniff and I fell head over heels over burger for this amazing creation! It's something that everyone can easily love and will make your heart flutter with all of it's skillfully prepared, fresh and local ingredients!

Rejoice Burger Lovers, The Big Sheppy is waiting for you at The Old Triange, now...Go get it!

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