Saturday, 29 March 2014

Way Yummy Sweet Potato Fries & Curry at The Old Triangle

If I had a dollar for every time someone told me I have to try the sweet potato curry fries at The Old Triangle, I imagine I'd have enough to eat them at least three times a week for a whole year. So of course, when the curious girl that I am hears this much love for an appetizer, I can't keep myself from trying it for myself.

So I headed down to the Triangle with all it's Irish Pub-ness and got myself a seat at the bar. I was super impressed by all the rich warm wood and nods to both Irish and Island culture. It made for a great atmosphere, especially together with the super cheerful staff and very friendly barkeep, Jamie.

I didn't even need a menu, since I knew what my goal for the visit was, but taking a look at the fare that they offer was impressive. Reading about their Boxty makes me think that will be my next visit to the Triangle; it sounds delicious and changes daily.

And I know what I'll be ordering for sure, no matter when I go to the Triangle and it's these wonderful little morsels with that enchanting curry dip...

These thick cut sweet potato fries have a pleasant crunch and a smooth inside which makes them delicious even on their own. But when matched with the Triangle's famous curry dip, they become an extra appetizing...well...appetizer!

I wouldn't have expected to put curry with sweet potato, but the two come together perfectly. The curry's savouriness and the rustic sweetness of the fries are extremely complimentary. And this curry dip exceptionally creamy and brings out all the flavors that has captured the imaginations and taste buds of pub goers for years. Warm spices blend against the cool base of the dip and gives off that perfect curry flavor without having too much heat; so everyone is free to enjoy!

With every bite I can taste what all the rage is about and with how impressed I was by The Old Triangle on this first visit, you can bet I'll be back to sample more of their menu, expecting truly fantastic things!

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