Monday, 24 March 2014

The Resplendent Flavors of the Red Water Rustic Grille

In the heart of Downtown Charlottetown, there is a restaurant that strives for excellence through their cuisine, has a solid commitment to local producers and takes an exemplary pride in everything they do.

That restaurant is the Red Water Rustic Grille, located inside the Holman Grand Hotel.

Today, I count myself lucky for having visited the Red Water and having ate one of the very best meals of my life thanks to always outstanding culinary artistry of Executive Chef Jane Crawford and accompanied by the warmth of atmosphere and genuine welcome from Jodi, my lovely waitress for this lunch.

Their classic Meatballs and Spaghetti, featuring bison meatballs made not only my day, but I swear, my entire, my whole month!

Now I know there's a lot of words that can describe impeccable fine dining. And while that broad array including words such as delicious, mouth-watering and even the old-fashioned toothsome (defined as temptingly tasty; oh, how true!) could each be applied to the Red Water, I would have to boil it down to the fact that what I ate today was the absolute dictionary definition of resplendent. And while not always used as a word to describe food, that's exactly what this Meatballs and Spaghetti were; rich and sumptuous in every aspect.

With truly rich smoked tomato sauce, a hint of dried chillies, garlic confit, perfectly cooked pasta, grana padano parmesan, bocconcini and three tender bison meatballs, this is everything a girl (or guy) could possibly dream of when wishing for the most delectable meal to meet them at the table. I could even smell the heady scents of smoked tomato and bison heralding the arrival of this delicacy.
Check out Chef Jane and I together moments before I gave into the temptation of this siren dish.
And when it comes to describing those first few bites, I'm rendered speechless. Which is a feat of the highest proportion, since there seems to be nothing for which I can't pin down at least five million words. But no, I just had to sit there, wordless, in a state of euphoric happiness while taking in every aspect of this thoughtfully crafted dish.
Did I just say that food made me euphorically happy? You bet, I did. And I couldn't say it about anywhere but the Red Water Grille.
Each facet of my Meatballs and Spaghetti came through with crystal clarity upon the palate and still their characteristics blended for a fellowship like none other. The full-bodied smoked tomato sauce was thick and herbed to perfection along with the tenderness of the bison meatballs. Atop of perfectly al dente spaghetti, with mildly pleasing bocconcini and sharp, powerful parmesan.
And I must add, if you haven't tried bison before, you shouldn't endure such an injustice for one more minute! Lean and moist, with a meaty texture and flavor, you're bound to fall in love with this hearty and most delicious meat. Any red meat lover needs to experience bison and the only true way to do that is from the capable hands at the Red Water Grille. One of their house specialties, they not only serve up bison with spaghetti and meatballs but also offer a succulent bison burger.
Just because I want to tempt you once more through my review and etch the image of this dish's magnificence in your mind, here's just one more photo...
I would also be remiss not to mention the lovely slices of pretzel bread served alongside the best butter of my life. "What makes it the best butter?" I hear you asking.
Well...Sundried tomato, arugula, pecan and pesto! Yes, those four ingredients are what was in the smooth, creamy butter that was the perfect pair of savory and sweet flavors. All spread on that house made pretzel bun and you've got a ticket to foodie heaven in your hand. That is until you eat it. Then it's foodie heaven in your mouth.
Creating a symphony of elegant flavors, with layers of delightful richness and making a robust impression, you absolutely must visit The Red Water Grille and experience Chef Jane Crawford's skill when it comes to the art of food. Go get some of that euphoric happiness for yourself, my friend.

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