Sunday, 30 March 2014

Quintessentially PEI Seafood Chowder at the Redwater Rustic Grille

When it comes to culinary dishes on PEI, there's likely nothing taken as seriously as Seafood Chowder. We hold competitions, compare chowders and always treat each bowl of creamy goodness with strict devotion. Needless to say, when it comes to crafting a Chowder, each restaurant and household takes it's own twist; making every bowl unique.

And at the Redwater Rustic Grille they have an ambitious chowder that I have to declare my very own personal favorite Seafood Chowder. I've sampled at competitions, tasted the pride of towns and restaurants but of them all Chef Jane's chowder reigns supreme in my book and it will be my pleasure to tell you exactly why.

This bountiful bowl of chowder comes drizzled with a fresh, rich herbed oil that creates a lovely counterbalance between it and the chowder, creating something truly beautiful for both your sense of smell and your palate. It's like the perfect introduction to your meal and as soon as you blend the two together and take that first taste you realize what makes seafood chowder a dish that's so close to our Island's heart.

With the rich and versatile flavors of this seafood chowder, it's a ultimate display of our Island's rich bounty. Buttery scallops, sweet and delicate shrimp, classic clams and fresh, delicious market fish. There was a truly impressive amount of variety in this chowder and it was amazing how Chef Jane was able to show how each seafood, palatable on their own become wonderfully mouth-watering as they compliment one another ideally; the way they were made to. To match this delicious seafood were crisp vegetables, light and airy as the completed the blend.

All in a creamy and smooth base that doesn't overwhelm the chowder but wraps itself around all the flavors, blending them into the flawless union that reaches out to your taste buds with warmth and indulgence.

Served before the chowder was the Redwater Grille's pretzel bun with a walnut, fig, vanilla butter. Now I've said before that their butter is incredible but now I've upgraded it to nirvana! Elegantly sweet vanilla with the exotic spice of fig all grounded by earthy walnut upon the base that is a creamy cloud of butter. I savored it with total relish!

Chef Jane Crawford's Seafood Chowder is quintessentially PEI and as all her creations, it's a display of how her talent is inspired by our Island's natural resources. It's inspiring to observe what she herself in inspired to and even better is let yourself experience that through the Redwater Rustic Grille.

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