Thursday, 27 March 2014

Pizza Partying at Famous Peppers Pizzeria

Founded in 2003, Famous Peppers was a gem, hidden in the heart of small town Cardigan, PEI. Their delicious food and outstanding pizzas thrilled locals, spurring Island wide adoration. Now with locations in Charlottetown, Montague and Shediac, the pizza goodness can reach almost every corner of PEI and even New Brunswick and satisfy our urges for heavenly topped crust.

I went down to the location in Downtown Charlottetown to get my own pizza fix!

The assortment of pizzas their creative staff have come up with will entertain and confound you when it comes to picking just one. They all sound so alluring, it's like inviting your taste buds to a wild, local producers' inspired party hosted by the pizza geniuses at Famous Peppers. There's anything and everything for all pizza lovers to indulge in and any of their toppings are available for people who want to choose their own and try out pizza design for themselves. No matter what, at Famous Peppers, you know that your lunch, dinner, snack and maybe even breakfast are in extremely capable hands.

(Hey, who hasn't had pizza for breakfast at lease once? I know I have.)

As for me, I picked out Famous Peppers signature Maple Chicken Pizza and it's all sorts of awesome spread with creamy epicness and topped with an assortment of "yummmmm". With their house made maple cream base, chicken, mushrooms, bacon, spinach and red onion, this flavor is a collage of flavor.

The small pizza I ordered was just the perfect size and came laden with bountiful toppings. The smell was so tempting that I had a hard time waiting for photos to be over before diving straight for the pizza. But every second was worth the wait, since I can bring you a photo of this extremely delicious memory.

I think the photo kind of tells it's own story, but as you know, I can never hold myself back from prattling on about how much I love great food. And this wasn't just great, it was outstanding!

Juicy chicken creating the anchor for each flavor, the freshness of the spinach came together with the crisp, sweet bite of red onion and hearty mushrooms. Everything was blanketed in a generous amount of melty cheese that could only leave me awe struck at the deliciousness. This signature creation at Famous Peppers is easily my favorite and would be the perfect thing to bring to a large party, you'd be the envy of everything for having brought the best and most unique food.

My personal opinion? Pepper's Maple Cream Sauce should be mandatory for all pizzas. Tomatoes are great and all, but that creamy smooth sauce with a hint of maple sweetness takes the slice, in my humble and completely cream influenced opinion. 

Don't have time to order a whole pizza and want to pick up a quick and totally satisfying lunch? Have no fear, Famous Pepper's has got your back. Stop in to grab one of their massive pizza slices! My favorite for lunch is the Meatster, a total sensory overload of Island crafted meats on the freshest crushed tomato sauce and smothered in delicious cheese; all that on Famous Pepper's delicious crust!

Let this photo be your lunch time inspiration!

You better believe I'll be going back to Famous Peppers again and again and again. Wild horses or more aptly right now, monster snow storms couldn't hold me back from their fresh ingredients, impressive crust and plethora of unique pizza creations.

Famous Pepper's pizzeria's award winning skills are apparent with every. single. bite.

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