Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Finding a Burger to Love at The Factory Cookhouse

Yes, I'm well aware that PEI Burger Love Campaign won't start for another twelve days... But why should that stop a girl from finding a Burger to fall in love with a little early. Our eyes have all wondered once and a while... And when it comes to this Burger from The Cookhouse there's a lot to love, so you really can't blame me, can you?

I mean it was a huge burger with pulled pork on it, for crying out loud!

Look at this plate, it speaks for itself.

Exactly. You see what I mean now, don't you? That thing deserves national love and while I realize that there will be plenty of Burgers vying for our love, come April, for now I think we can be happy to know that this Burger will be around for a long time at The Cookhouse. It's like ol' deliciously amazing faithful.
It's no secret that I love both pulled pork and beef, so this burger was practically made for me. But it was even better than I could have expected. Just to give you an idea of everything that's loaded onto this burger. We've got hickory smoked pulled pork, 6oz of fresh beef, cheddar cheese, mushrooms, onions, fresh veggies and onions rings all on a toasted kaiser bun.
Everything was tender and abundant in flavor on this burger, the pulled pork was lush with the ideal amount of hickory and sweet to go along with the fresh and clear notes of beefiness of the burger. (Nothing's better than fresh beef on a burger and that's exactly what this was! No low-quality frozen burgers for The Cookhouse. They're pure awesome.)
Everything came together from the warmth and sweetness of the onion, the tang of pickles, freshness of the vegetables, savory of the cheddar and of course all the praises I've already sang of their beautifully prepared meats. This burger was the whole package and even more, it satisfied every need my taste buds could possibly have. I urge any burger or pork lover to try out this amazing burger.
The thick cut onion rings were delicious (I ate them on the side). The batter was light and crispy, it let the onion stay crisp and well unlike most onions that get soggy by all the batter suffocating them. I would certainly love to dive into a whole basket of these onions rings. They were incredibly easy eating and were unique to the cookhouse. I highly recommend them!
And if that wasn't enough, which it was, but even full, I couldn't stop myself from continuing on to the hand cut fries along side this burger. These thinly cut house made fries were crispy and hearty. I truly enjoyed that unlike most hand cut fries, they're thin which makes them more crispy and golden delicious. Add to that the signature Creamy BBQ Sauce ("Everything Sauce" if your a regular. Haha!) and you've got the perfect side.
As always the girls at The Factory Cookhouse gave a warm welcome and I had such a great time sitting at my usual spot at the bar and chatting away about everything under the sun. It was perfect and aside from the amazing food calling me constantly, it's one of the solid reasons why I keep returning to the cookhouse. So thanks to Glynn, Bethany and Lundy. You guys absolutely rock--country style!
Prospective suitors take note though, because Chef Brian has won my heart again!

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