Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Award Inspiring Fish & Chips at Mavors Restaurant and Bar

Fish and chips are a Downtown Charlottetown tradition, it's served at almost all of the local restaurants and each works hard to put their own stamp on this almost cultural dish that we've all come to know and love. And sometimes when there's so many different possibilities to choose from, a person (or really hungry girl, like I) can lose sight of how incredible Fish and Chips can be.

Well, thanks to Mavors Restaurant in the Confederation Centre of the Arts, I've seen the light and tasted it too. Their cutely named "Break-a-Leg Fish & Chips" had the perfect balance of crispy, flakey goodness while having a tasty, rich beer batter and some "whoa, that's awesome" house made tartar sauce. Oh, and those house cut fries deserve a #yum x infinity.

Doesn't that just make you want to break out into a joyous show tune? Don't worry, it's entirely natural for Mavors food to inspire such random shows of happiness. And while maybe I didn't exactly start singing out loud at my meal, I was certainly singing on the inside. (I think I would have actually sang but see, I was too busy eating.)

See how I said they were generous? That crispy beer battered fish on a bed of house cut fries was only a half order!

The light and airy batter surrounded fresh and flakey fish that's taste told a story of how high-quality it was. Not skimping on the good stuff, there was so much fish that I was honestly impressed. Most places you've got to search through the batter for some fish. But Mavors makes sure you've got the right balance of fish to batter ratio. There's every reason to love this perfectly crisped meal and Mavors definitely makes me wish of fish (and rhyme too, apparently.)

Oh, the Tartar Sauce! I'm extremely picky about my sauces and this one made in house got my stamp of approval from the first taste! Creamy and light with a refreshing amount of dill and pickles, I had to ask for extra just to dip my fries in. An extra little fun fact is that Mavors even cuts and prepares their own pickles for their tartar sauce. Now that's some impressive commitment that shines through with every single dip of fish or fries.

That said, the house cut fries that Mavors serves up are excellent! Thin cut, crispy and with that little hint of salt that makes them irresistible. Dipped in the Tartar and I was set to stay there for the rest of the day in an endless loop of fries and tartar. Haha!

And I can't forget about the creamy coleslaw, a perfect match to these two rich foods with it's fresh creaminess and that pleasant little tang that always makes coleslaw a classic addition to any fish and chips platter.

These two prides of PEI, fish and potatoes had true justice done to them in Mavors fantastic Fish & Chips. Perfect before a matinee, during your lunch hour or literally any reason you can find to go out and eat something mouth-watering; they've got it!

Everything about Mavors left me saying, "Encore! Encore!". From the wonderful and so friendly waitress, Kim with her cheerful disposition to Chef Darren's review-inspiring fish and chips. Everything at Mavors is down to a fine art.

These "Break-a-Leg" Fish & Chips win the award for "I Need to Eat More of This!" and like a fantastic play, I can see them having a long and extremely successful run at Mavors. Bravo!

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