Sunday, 23 March 2014

A Truly Classy Breakfast Sandwich at The Dundee Arms

Charlottetown has a little bit of everything when it comes to culinary experiences and no matter what the tenacious chefs of our Island decide to tackle, it's always done with the highest of quality in mind. And so it's no surprise to me when I tell you that today, I had a super classy breakfast sandwich at The Dundee Arms.

It truly took advantage of our Island's natural resources, was warm with a blend of perfect flavor balance and seriously made a great first impression with it's plating.

Don't believe that a breakfast sandwich can be fabulous? Well then, prepared to be converted; because this is it!

Yep, that's the open faced version of the breakfast sandwich coined, the "Egg McMargie". And it's truly a breakfast sandwich worthy of such a distinguished restaurant. Served either stacked or open faced, the Egg McMargie can be had with either ham or bacon.

As for me, the ham-aholic that I happen to be, I guessed it. Bacon! Haha, no seriously. I went for the ham and boy was I pleased. It was a fresh ham, thick sliced and deliciously juicy.

Served up on a toasted English muffin, with ham or bacon, cheese and your choice style of egg; this breakfast sandwich is everything you want made with the freshest of ingredients. I am constantly impressed by the quality of the Dundee's food at both their Griffon Dining Room and Cricket and Hearth Pub. They strive for great things, using local foods and that passion shines through with every single bite. A big kudos to Chefs Theresa and Mike for bringing us this stylish twist of a breakfast classic.

And the home fries, oh, those beautiful, hearty home fries! They're all potato and that's seriously awesome for a thoroughly PEI'd girl like me. With that slight crispyness on their outside and smooth, rich potato on the inside, they're home fries to, well, write home about! Garnished with crisp melon and a sweet orange slice, there's a little bit of every flavor on this plate.

This brunch is truly satisfying in every aspect of your senses.

The consistency their both cosy, welcoming atmosphere, happy, friendly staff and always outstanding food is why you'll see me returning to The Dundee week after week. They're the full package. And service is always a pleasure, I've been pleased to see Denika for each of my Brunches at the Dundee and she's got all of the genuine, caring qualities of a dear friend. I mean who wouldn't want to hang around a restaurant with people like that?

I'll just leave you with this photo of the Dundee's famous, house made biscuits with which I started my lovely brunch.

Because who doesn't want to stare at a yummy, warm, flaky biscuit?

I just heard you go "Mmmmm" by the way.


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