Thursday, 20 March 2014

A Buffet Worth Marrying at the Top of the Park Restaurant

Ever dream or that guy or girl who has a little bit of everything about their personality? The type of person who can offer all sorts of aspects to their personality and even have a touch of unexpected excitement to them. I know I've thought of a guy like this before; at least when I'm thinking of what the perfect man might be like.

That said, I found something, while not being my perfect man, could quite possibly be my perfect meal. And that's because at the Top of the Park restaurant at Red Shores Racetrack, there's a buffet that has a variable smorgasbord of win. Everyday Top of the Park's Culinary Manager Sean Furlong and his culinary team create a unique menu that's bound to impress and even astound diners with their creativity.

A beautiful atmosphere overlooking the driving park, the Top of the Park is the best buffet I could recommend on the Island. There's always something for everyone. I even tried out a gluten free shortbread cookie that tasted exactly like it's wheat driven counterparts.

That said, let's get on with the plates and desserts (oh yes, there was multiples of everything) that I had at today's buffet.

This was my first plate:

Okay, so let's go down the list of what's on this plate. We've got glazed ham, broccoli and cauliflower gratin, creamy mashed potatoes, house made spiced kettle chips, ham bread pudding with hollandaise sauce and hamburger corners with house made aioli. 

Now I know you probably can't believe that all that gourmet food was at a buffet, but it was and it was all of the very highest quality. And on top of all that there was all sorts of other delicacies, like white wine steamed mussels with melted butter on the side.

As for me, I could simply tell you that I had never been in such food heaven before and leave it at that. But honestly, for amazing food's sake, I need to go into some detail. So bare with me while I go off on a tangent while recalling it all...

The ham was the most tender that I've had since my Grandmother's glazed ham. It was everything that ham should be in a sweet and savory glaze that locked in all that juiciness. The cauliflower and broccoli gratin had tender vegetables in a creamy, cheesy sauce topped with more cheese and crispy bread crumbs. (It drove me crazy with it's yumminess. Good crazy, of course). Those kettle chips were beyond perfect; like nothing you'd ever get in a silly ol' bag. They're thin cut, nicely spiced, crispy and had the power to make pretty much every buffet goer want to take the tray home with them.

I still stand by my suggestion that they open a kettle chip stand out on the corner. Because everyone would be there.

And ham bread pudding is like nothing I've ever had before. It was a very cool combination of flavors, like ham with home made stuffing and then topped with my favorite sauce of all time! Hollandaise. Next the burgers were refreshing with the cool aioli and fresh veggies and what you also can't see on that plate was that I had a side of corn chowder which was super rich and creamy while being packed with corn and other vegetables.

And then came my second plate, which was really me going back and getting even more of all the stuff that I loved.

Okay, there is one more different thing on that plate. The potato salad which was a classic with a gourmet twist. Cut baby gem potatoes with crisp vegetables and a light sauce that had a hint of dill to make it even more appealing. See, I told you they have everything,

And last but believe you me, definitely not the least, was dessert. Oh, glorious, sweet, dessert! And what a selection! There was no way I could possibly try everything they had. But I chose what would be my favorites. That being red velvet torte, Irish cream nanaimo bars, white chocolate raspberry bread pudding and Boston cream pie. I still don't know where I put everything! But there was no way I could leave without trying as much as possible.

My favorite amongst all the desserts was the red velvet torte. Light cream, rich raspberry sauce, moist red velvet cake all topped with whipped cream. That's like...I don't even know. Incredible in a glass? Layers of "OMG"... Uh, just, wow. It rendered me speechless at first. I just kept nodding my head yes and eating. It was that good. On top of that, everything else was impeccable, with an honorable mention going to the Irish cream nanaimos. Because they're Irish Cream Nanaimo Bars, that's why.

All of the desserts were pure decadence!

So that, is, as they say, that. Everything was amazing and the Top of the Park easily has the best spread on Prince Edward Island! So, go and eat your heart out!

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