Saturday, 22 February 2014

The Greatest Western Sandwich in Eastern Canada - The Dundee Arms!

Want the best of the West but live in the East? Have no fear!

I've found the best Toasted Western Sandwich on PEI at the Dundee Arms and it's got everything a person could want and more!  Generous in size, this practically mile high Western is filled with fresh ham, sweet bell peppers and the soft bite of onion to give it that extra bit of pizzazz. Not only that but it comes with a choice of three sides. A garden salad, Caesar Salad of the Soup of the Day. All that for $8.95 on their Saturday & Sunday Brunch Menu is not only outstanding but with the atmosphere of either the Griffon Dining Room or the Hearth and Cricket makes for the perfect package. Oh and I couldn't forget to mention Denika, one of the sweetest waitresses I've ever met who not only brought me incredible food but a huge smile to my face!

Just to give you a visual, take a look at my glorious plate of from this morning...

Yup, that's it, right there all pretty with it's tempting good and cute garnish of fresh fruit. Jealous, aren't you? Well you should be! Because that's the breakfast that made But don't feel too bad because you too can go and get yourself an amazing Dundee Arms Toasted Western on Saturday or Sunday on their brunch menu.

As you can see I choose the Soup of the Day, which in and of itself deserves a review. But I'll try and do it some justice right here. A Roasted Vegetable Crème Soup, it was robust, had a bust of extreme natural flavor and epitomizes the idea of soul food. Thick and hearty with a warmth that spreads straight through you, this soup could warm the coldest Island day. It's flavor was a blend of root vegetables and roasted bell peppers. Sweet, savory and satisfying, the Dundee's chef hit perfection on every point with this delicious soup. Topped with an herbed crostini topped with olive oil and cheese, this soup could easily hold it's own for any meal.

Now beside that is the star of this show! That perfectly, perfect Western that I've already been raving about. Fluffy fresh eggs filled with the freshest ham, bell peppers and onions are piled high on nicely toasted bread. With the savouriness of the ham meeting the trio of bell peppers, the sweet and salty are a perfect pairing with the zing of onion. And my, oh my, when you put it all together and take a bite, it's like a party of flavor in your mouth.

In the end, there's no where else to go for a Toasted Western than the Dundee Arms!

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