Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Saying Cheese at the Orange Lunchbox

Anyone who was on Prince Edward Island today knows that it has been one of the snowiest that we've had all Winter long. But even with all 27 odd centimetres of snow built up against the sidewalks, I just had to make the trek to The Big Orange Lunchbox today!

But what could posses a girl to venture out in such conditions? Well, pure Island cheese, smothered against home made bread, grilled to perfection with a side of the best fries in the world could definitely be the reason. And it was!

Check out the bounty that I was rewarded with upon crossing into the Lunchbox's glorious smelling territory...

Yeah, that would make you go out into all sorts of crazy snow too, wouldn't it?

And thanks to the dedicated staff at The Big Orange Lunchbox, that's just the platter I was served toady. The Legend -wait for it- Dairy Grilled Cheese is the best twist of a classic grilled cheese that you're ever going to cross paths with. Two delicious ADL cheeses mingling to create a sumptuous flavor that's matched with the best grilled cheese crunch and soft fluffy inside of their house made bread.

Of course any grilled cheese with such potent flavour and awesomeness needs a co-star worthy of such grandeur! And The Big Orange Lunchbox's signature fries are the most ideal companion, the perfect crunch, satisfying taste that can only belong to PEI Potatoes and seasoned until heavenly!

Now you might think I'm a little bit excited over something like a grilled cheese, but with the touch of Chef James' Oja, a grilled cheese is something to get really excited over!

P.S. I gotta say a big thank you to Jason for being such an awesome waiter and a total ray of sunshine on this snow stormy day! (And for telling me about the epic Apple Poutine that I can't wait to try on my next visit.)

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