Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Caffé Verona + Bacon Rustico = Amore

Ever want an extra bit of love with your mornings? I know that I did today and while I always feel a special energy from my daily ritual Starbucks, today needed a little something special. And so when I went into Starbucks this morning, my heart felt warmed to see that Caffe Verona was the Bold pick of the Day.

Do I hear you saying "Why?", well because of all the coffees that Starbucks offers, Verona is the one that provides the most romantic and loving of flavors. It's like being wrapped in the arms of your handsome Lover (or so I imagine). And breathing in that warm, aromatic steam sent me to a place of ecstasy. But since one does not live by coffee alone (something I have yet to be fully convinced of), I paired my Verona with a delicious and still fairly new sandwich at Starbucks, the Rustic Bacon.

Now I know I'm painting a fairly good mental picture here but just in case you're more of the visual type, here's a snapshot of my breakfast mere seconds before I attacked it.

Now, let me just say that when I chose the Rustic Bacon, I expected the flavors of it to pair well with Verona but the two blended in a far more profound way that I expected. The Rustic Bacon has egg white, cheddar and obviously bacon on a cheddar chive artisan bun. It was those flavors meeting with the roasty sweetness of Verona that created a perfect balance.

The two complimented each other ideally, smoky, sweet, savory and herbal. Combined between the coffee and sandwich, these intense flavors were lifted by the smoothness of the Verona and the light airiness of the sandwich's egg white.

Together it was a warm, soul food sort of morning that comforted into this current inspiration that I'm sharing with you. I only hope that if you're in need of some coziness you'll turn to this same combination and find what I did.

True Love.

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