Wednesday, 24 December 2014

A Christmas Wonderland Buffet at the Top of the Park

Twas' the night before Christmas and all at Red Shores were enjoying a buffet overflowing with the trimmings and oh, so much more.

When searching for festive perfection in a Christmas dinner, just like a gift this is the meal that keeps on giving! A feast fit for Santa Claus himself, a visit to the Top of the Park Restaurant is pretty much like being a kid on Christmas morning. Always booked ahead, the Red Shores Christmas Lunch and Dinner Buffets are a highlight of the culinary scene at this, the Holiday season. With a Team of Chefs who are likely topping Mr. Claus' Nice List, I wouldn't be surprised if Chefs Andrew, Glen, Jeff and Dana are chartered out to the North Pole to cater for the big man himself next year!

Think of it this way, everyday they host what could easily be considered the biggest Christmas Dinners and pull it off with the flair of your Mother, Grandmother and all the other esteemed cooks in your family that's ever put a turkey in the oven. That's generations of awesome all packed into a buffet that cannot be missed!

And I'm proud to say...this is how I celebrate.

Every year it's one of my favorite December activities to make it to the Top of the Park and totally do Christmas. With Holiday Spirit to spare, everyone is filled with good cheer. This year I've got to make a shout out to Jana and Denise for being to absolute darlings, they were warm, welcoming and made me feel just like a part of the family. And really, that's what Christmas is all about.

Well, that and food. Lots and lots of super delicious food. Which I clearly didn't have to look any further for once I was in the restaurant.

The best of the Island was spread out as a gourmet bounty which, as always, is quick to impress. In Christmas Fashion, the Top of the Park's Buffet was transformed both in food and atmosphere... It was certainly beginning to look a lot like Christmas! Every table's personal TV was tuned into a crackling fireplace, while the decor was all candy canes and Gingerbread Houses.

I was tempted straight to the buffet by the smell of turkey and the trimmings. The classics were all there from savory dressing to creamy mashed potatoes.

My first plate, as you can see, was pure Christmas fare. The turkey, so tender and juicy was carved right before my eyes at their carvery. Always the star of the show, Top of the Park served up a turkey that was perfect in every way. Topped with some of their creamy gravy and sweet and tart cranberry sauce, I had plenty of reasons to go back for more and more. Alongside that was classic vegetables, seasoned just right and with just enough butter to make them irresistible. The mashed potatoes were so light and fluffy, they were practically whipped into a buttery, savory cloud and of course, the dressing was classic, just like your Mom would make. All of these put together spell out Christmas Dinner perfection.

Not as insanely obsessed with Christmas food like me? Don't worry! There's a whole cold salad bar with gourmet pasta, potato and other gourmet salads. There's always  soup of day with fresh rolls too, the day I went their selection just happened to be Chicken Gumbo. And in true Top of the Park fashion white wine steamed Mussels are one of their go-to greats!

As for me, I was tempted by the cheesey, saucy goodness of their lasagna! It was hearty and rich filled with layers of beef, veggies and tomato sauce then topped with glorious cheese!

And then... Dessert. Not just any dessert, but the dessert of desserts that could knock the socks off of your sweet tooth. Well, if teeth wore socks anyways.

Just look at that assortment of goodies. Some people want Santa to bring them Diamond Rings or BB Guns... But I just want that. All of it. I could promise an entire year of my best behavior if I could find all that under my tree on Christmas morning. Everything from Blueberry Shortcake to trifle and bread pudding. Pies, cakes, cookies, squares, jellys...and fudge.

That was a mouthful. Which is quite accurate considering I couldn't resist sampling all a wide range of these delectable morels. I had some of the fruitcake and fruitcake squares, which had the most divine crea, cheese icing, buttery shortbread cookies, deliriously rich chocolate and cookies and cream fudge...

...And Pumpkin Pie with a cup of coffee!

It's no wonder Top of the Park is consistently my favorite buffet. At any time of the year they are set to impress and there is always a selection that can satisfy anyone's wish list. While I was there, I heard about their upcoming Asian Night Buffets...yet another tasty present that I can't wait to unwrap.

And so I will say and I nom out of sight...

Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!

Wednesday, 10 December 2014

The Perfect Meal at the Churchill Arms

In Downtown Charlottetown there's a gem of a restaurant that has is frequented by locals for it's consistently delicious food and hailed by tourists for being one of the culinary bright spots on their visit. The Churchill Arms is the only authentic British Pub on Prince Edward Island and makes it's home on Historic Queen Street. Just as you'd expect, the atmosphere is warm, with rich colored woods and ambient lighting that provides the warmth and charm that comes to mind when imagining a British Pub. And while that alone makes it a pleasant place to have a meal, the Churchill exudes a sense of community and family which is truly unique. Regulars fill their usual spots while they mingle like family, even welcome newcomers with their smiles and the staff, as gracious and friendly as can be, make everyone feel at home. Their waitresses not only serve up amazing food but also good cheer and conversation. Fran, the Churchill's charismatic Proprietor is everyone's friend, she has that rare quality and down-to-earth personality that characterizes the charm of the Island.

And of course...she cooks up some of the most addictive dishes this side of the pond!

I personally am proud of say that I frequent the Churchill Arms and couldn't help but share my latest meal with all of you hungry foodies!

For starters, I decided to partake in one of the Churchill's daily creations. Each day they feature a special meal, daily wrap and soup. It just so happened that this day's feature was Baked Potato Cheddar Soup. So even though I knew I was in for a huge main course, I couldn't help myself!

As you can see from the photo, this soup is exactly like it looks, creamy and rich. With all the best parts of a baked potato all put into one singularly outstanding soup, you can taste each ingredient seamlessly. Potato, bacon, chives, cheddar and of course the unmistakable smoothness of sour cream. It goes to show that home made quality goes into every menu item, daily selections included.
It was a great precursor to the main event, a dish that the Churchill Arms is synonymous with and undoubtedly a part of it's most popular menu selections! It's one of the dishes that was shown when the Churchill was featured on 'You Gotta Eat Here!'

Their famous Curry! Oh, and did I mention that Kelly Ripa, from Live with Kelly and Michael not only visited the Churchill to try their curry but is still raving about it? That's right, you couldn't go anywhere to get a tastier serving of curry and it's easy to taste why everyone from locals to celebrities are wild over their curry!

There are four varieties of curry, from the classic Butter Chicken, to their hottest, the Madras Curry. I myself wanted to show off something that everyone can enjoy. The Korma curry, which comes with your choice of chicken, beef or vegetables. I went for the most popular choice and picked chicken with the local classic side of "half and half". A complete must, of you're to get the whole experience, your curry is accompanied by half a side of basmati rice and half a side of house cut fries.

See how happy I am, standing alongside Fran before digging in? Well, my smile was even wider once I took that first, coveted bite! The spices, which warm you delicately, completely envelope your senses while the creamy curry sauce satisfies oh so completely. The vibrant colors of the curry cover generous pieces of juicy white meat chkcken. With a combination of dipping fries, adding rice to my curry, eating chicken and getting every last remnant of this delicious goodness wiped up with the provided naan could literally say meal is perfection. A little taste of heaven.

The wonderful thing about the Korma is that it features mild spices with a lightly sweet and rich sauce that is suitable for even the most sensitive of palates. Pick the Lunch size for a perfect meal sized portion or go for the full size if you're like me and just can't get enough of this curry's delectable goodness.

Even though I was thoroughly satisfied after the incredible serving of nirvana inducing curry, I knew that no meal is truly complete without dessert... And at the Churchill Arms it doesn't take much convincing to dive into one of their favorite desserts. The deep fried Mars bar. Yes, the first on the Island to serve this ingenious creation, their take on the Mars bar is filled with particularly gooey goodness, on all the very best ways! Battered and fried for crispy perfection, it wraps the sweet, heavenly nougat and caramel which is all warm and smooth like velvet. The chocolate and caramel drizzle enhance this dessert's natural glory while the whipped cream and a cool kiss to this delightful indulgence!

Quite honestly when I think of the Churchill, the fact that it's one of my favorite places to eat and associate it with te kind of home cooking and local goodness that warms my heart. That's something I hope I've shared with everyone in this review and inspired you to go out and experience it for yourself. 

Saturday, 6 December 2014

A Traditional Christmas Buffet at the Inn on the Hill

Christmas means so many things to a variety of people, the holidays represent time with family, good cheer and an inexhaustible reserve of happy memories. But the one thing that almost everyone can relate to when it comes to Christmas is a feast. Food brining people together and helping to make those memories we cherish for years to come. In the spirit of Christmas, I wanted to kick off the season with a delicious Turkey Dinner! And there's likely no place more associated with generations of happy Diner's than the Inn on the Hill! Their special Holiday Turkey Buffet is hosted each Friday leading up to Christmas, it starts at 11 am and so do the crowds! Offering truly Home-style variety and all the warmth and brightness of the Season, it's no surprise to see friends and family filling up the Inn on the Hill's dining rooms.

Decorated with lovely trees and touches of Christmas all around, you can smell the delicious food as soon as you enter the restaurant! That's not the end of this sensory experience though. To make the atmosphere all the more cheerful, Johnny Ross takes to the keyboard to tickle out delightful Christmas tunes as you dine! Known and beloved Island wide for his charismatic playing, the Inn on the Hill certainly put the cherry on top of this buffet with Johnny's perfect musical backdrop.

And of course, this fantastic setting is host to the star of the Lunch hour at the Inn on the Hill! Chefs Mary and Michael are the culinary artists behind the locally fueled meal. With a variety of warm and cold offerings, everyone's taste buds are welcomed to partake. Home-baked biscuits and rolls start off your meal along side the day's soup and are joined by a variety of cold salads. Including garden salad, classic coleslaw and the some creamiest home style potato salad I've ever tasted, your mouth is already watering from the very beginning!

Mind you, the celebrity at every Christmas meal is the Turkey! And this Turkey just happens to be a home-raised hero, the Inn on the Hill serves tender, perfectly carved grain fed Larkin Bros. Turkey with light and dark meat neatly displayed so you can pick your favorite piece. Topped with rich, Creamy gravy and this is a main that can steal your heart! With classic dressing, seasoned to perfection, hearty mashed potatoes and steamed veggies you'll feel like you're in Grandma's kitchen!
And if you've got a taste for something a little more unique and not as conventionally Christmas, then you'll want to try their lasagna. This offering is generous on flavor, with a blend of cheesy goodness and extra beef. I'd be lying if I said I didn't take an extra piece because I loved it so much!

And we all know that any Christmas Dinner wouldn't be the same without dessert, and the Inn on the Hill is truly treating you sweet tooth! Chef Mary is a wonder-worker, pulling out all of the best and decadent stops to bring out a Dessert Trolley that I was extremely tempted to roll home with me!

I couldn't help myself and had, count 'em, three desserts! The first of this sweet trio was a caramel cheesecake with it's base like a whipped cloud, covered in a thick, sweet layer of rich caramel. The second was another round of cheesecake, which hosted the very same luscious base as the caramel but brought the decadence up another level with deep, dark chocolate topping and a chocolate cookie crumb crust. And of that's not enough heaven already, I topped it off with a slice of strawberry rhubarb pie that had a buttery, flaky crust and hit the perfect balance of sweet and tart in the center. That was the perfect, if not unbelievably indulgent end to this spirited meal!

With a meal that conjures up thoughts of family around the table on December 25th, Irving Berlin on the record player and mistletoe in the doorway, the Inn on the Hill has created a tasty Christmas Card that you have to taste, see and even hear to believe!

Friday, 20 June 2014

The Homburg Theatre Re-Opens at the Confederation Centre of the Arts

In my humble opinion, the Confederation Centre of the Arts is a gem among our Island's cultural offerings and a true haven for artistic talent from across Canada. For 50 Years, the Centre has been host to all generations, bringing life, laughter and delight, most of all through their theatrical productions. To those of us from PEI and fans of the Charlottetown Festival, there was a much anticipated event which took place on June 16th. The Grand Re-Opening of the Homburg Theatre, which was celebrated with an Address by His Excellency the Governor General of Canada, David Johnston and a Welcoming Show, all open to the public.

An impressive amount of excited Islanders showed up for this event, honoring the wonderful effort made by the Confederation Centre in revamping and renewing the Homburg Theatre. The anticipation was palpable as everyone gathered together to watch the ribbon cutting which as you can see in the picture below was held by an absolutely adorable group of Pre-Kindergarten students. Before the main event a few small speeches were given in which the Governor General not only made a point of praising the Confederation Centre but also slipped in a few funnies to keep everyone laughing.

With the Governor General of Canada. our own Premier Robert Ghiz and Lieutenant Governor the Honorable H. Frank Lewis, CEO of the Confederation Centre Jessie Inman and a host of Provincial Lieutenant Governors and Territorial Commissioners present this was a truly dignified opening which really exuded the sense of how very important the Centre's contribution to the arts is, not only on PEI but throughout Canada. To me, it was a show of solidarity through our Country that honored the contribution the Centre has made through the past fifty years and the great things that are expected for it in the future.

And after the ribbon was cut, everyone buzzed with eagerness to finally enter the new theatre pavilion and get a first hand experience and our new pride and joy! Walking in you could sense the freshness of the area, the soft glow of pre-show lighting accentuated the new and aesthetically pleasing acoustic wall panels and crisp looking ceiling. Just from the feverishly happy talk that resonated through the space, you could tell the acoustics were great, of course later on the cast of Canada Rocks was going to prove that theory in a very harmonious and entertaining way.

But before "Canada Rocks" could take the stage, we were treated to a speech from Premier Robert Ghiz who expressed his own personal love for the Centre and how it had already excited the imagination of his family. It was heartfelt and open dialogue which praised the Centre and the incredible talent that has passed through it's theatre for 50 years. Afterwards, Jessie Inman received an award for the grand efforts it took to bring Evangaline to the stage last year for the Charlottetown Festival. Giving a brief history on how the epic poem was brought to the realm of musicals, Ms. Inman spoke passionately of the crew's dedication to authentically representing this pivotal piece of Canadian literature. She also delivered exciting news that the production team for Evangaline is working to bring this stirring program to the bright lights of Broadway. One of the first steps being taken a professional original cast recording of the deliciously beautiful soundtrack which will be available soon on ITunes and at the Confederation Centre.

Then the Governor General took the stage. He was eloquent and expressed the importance and connection of the Centre to our celebration of the 1864 Charlottetown Conference. It was a pleasure to sit and listen to his inspiring words and see how open and encouraging his was to the arts community. I would have liked to sit and transcribe in address, but honestly, it was too fascinating to focus on anything but his words. I've never personally seen or heard the Governor General speak, but he was all I could have expected and more. I speak for myself and many other patrons that were in the Homburg Theatre at that time when I say he was a reflection of the dedication that went into refreshing and re-creating this beloved theatre.

Of course, in grand Island tradition, no celebration would be complete without music and the talented cast of Canada Rocks was a great choice to demonstrate how apt the theatre's acoustics are! They were, no pun intended, rockin' the house! There wasn't a person in the theatre that wasn't electrified by their vivacious and powerful performance which displayed a portion of the over 74 songs that are featured throughout the full musical. This taste of Canada Rocks was more than enough to make me want to check it out and I suggest you do too, if you like a good time. Which of course, everyone likes a good time!

Later, everyone gathered in the lobby for coffee, cake and more importantly discussing how impressed they were with the updated theatre. If you were there, you already know that it's high time to go and check out a show and if not, take it from me and start booking your tickets for the Charlottetown Festival now; they're bound to go fast!

Here's to another 50 Years, Confederation Centre of the Arts, I'm with you all the way!

Friday, 13 June 2014

A History Making Evening at PEI's Province House

Last night Prince Edward Island's Legislative Assembly Chamber at Province House was filled with theatrics of a brand quite different than the norm. Instead of  powerful opinions being flung from one side of the room to another, there was the passion of our Province's Rural History being illustrated by song and the spoken word. Yes, last night history was made in the very place that helped to create the history which we are celebrating this year. For the first time in Province House's history, the venue was opened completely and given to the public for their enjoyment of this well appointed discussion and performance.

To a crowd of people, Islanders and otherwise that spread between three Chambers of the Province House, there was a performance, lead by Dr. Ed MacDonald's lecture on the topic rural PEI in the 1860's entitled "Land of One's Own: Prince Edward Island in the Confederation Era" and highlighted by the astoundingly talented cast of "The Master's Wife" a theatrical production taking place at Orwell's Corner this year.

I, myself, was fortunate enough to be seated in the Legislative Assembly Chamber, where all the action was taking place. Above in the gallery onlookers were entertained and downstairs a small theater of guests viewed a live stream of the production. Beginning with rousing fiddle music and an introduction to the concept that, once upon a time, PEI was considered a "world in miniature" as Sir Andrew McPhail so poetically coined the phrase; ever person present was brought back  to the time of Confederation. And yet, in contrast to the Charlottetown Conference that the Island and world at large are becoming more aware of with each passing day, we were not in the grand plan that helped shape our Canada.

No, we were with the layman, working the land, creating a life in earnest, waging prime social and sometimes petty domestic wars, but most of all opposing Confederation. Indeed, for reasons that I can much less aptly explain, our pioneer forefathers from one end of the Island to the other were against the unity of the British Colonies. Now, with our current prospective this seems absurd, but as Dr. MacDonald pointed out, at least one of the reasons for that still lingers with us. The concept of "Us" and "Them" that has always been an integral part of Prince Edward Island's culture. That Heritage still whispers in terms like "From Away" a title bestowed on anyone that's come to PEI without actually being born on the prized red Island soil.

Of course, there were more profound catalysts for such strong opinions. Such as the lucrative concepts of being a world in and within the borders of the Island and of each man owning their own land. I think that even from the short explanation that I have to offer we can see that all Islanders come by their opinionated natures honestly, in turn also their pride of ownership and sense of responsibility towards Island are too just as deeply rooted. All these are unique virtues, passed down like heirlooms to be treasured and even envied by those who cannot claim to be "Islanders".

Of course, if Dr. MacDonald was the paintbrush in this portrait, the cast of the Master's Wife in their period attire and an air of the past were the paint. They brought to life something so distant and yet within the audience's grasp because of their powerful words, song, acting and of course the venue which is as authentic Confederation Era PEI as can be offered. The quotations from Sir Andrew MacPhail's memoirs, "The Master's Wife" were delivered with passion and almost ethereal authenticity while the fiddle was given life through talent and the notes of MacPhail's father's "wallpaper music". Just from this taste of what "The Master's Wife" offers, I would encourage everyone who can possibly go to Orwell's Corner to make that pilgrimage. You'll gain something that you didn't even know you were missing. It's enriching with an outstanding amount of information delivered as smoothly as the sugared brandy that was humorously discussed during last night's production.

Last evening, Humor and History blended harmoniously for a lecture that was engaging and informative, everything you could want when presented with such an important topic being delivered to such a broad spectrum of people. And not only did we grasp history by words and action but were too a part of it and being part of that kind of history was very special, indeed. A hearty dose of appreciation is more than in order for everyone concerned. To Dr. Ed MacDonald, the talented cast of "The Master's Wife", the evening's dedicated organizers and doubtless many unsung heroes who were behind the scenes.

As one, impressionable girl whose forefather's feet are planted firmly on the Island and yet me still being "From Away" who wants nothing more than to understand the intricate workings of this Island, your work weaved a tapestry of beauty and raw honesty that sparked once more my passion and imagination for this land, rich in history, personality, dedication and most of all it's people.

Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Some Fancy Lobster Roll at Dave's Lobster

Ever wonder where you can go to pick up a Lobster Roll that's as good as the legendary Rolls of yore that you're great, great Grandfather goes on about but with flair that can take on the 21st Century? I've pondered that conundrum with the best of PEI's great thinkers and though there was ne'er an answer in sight for many a moon... Something incredible appeared on Charlottetown's Historic Waterfront! Dave's Lobster is it's name and so, after all that wondering (which conveniently made me very hungry) I made the (short but epic) pilgrimage to Dave's.

Boasting indoor and outdoor seating, a bright and welcoming atmosphere, genuinely caring staff and Island charm to boot, Dave's was all I could expect and more! And they might be the new kid on the block, but this little restaurant is already making waves with their first award coming from the Savour Food and Wine Festival recognizing their Lobster Tacos!

Greeted by Kirsten, the cheerful Assistant Manager, I already felt like I was home. She talked about the menu with me since I was having a hard time picking between their two Lobster Roll offerings. The Local, which is a classic chilled lobster roll or the Some Fancy a unique offering that you're going to be hearing more about... Because that was my roll of choice. (For this visit anyways, because after how impressed I was, I'll be back for The Local.)

With lobster warmed in a pan of butter, fresh lemon and garlic, it's served up on a traditional home made roll which is buttered and grilled. Add in a sprinkling of fresh cut chives and you've nailed the recipe for what tastes like a delicious lobster dinner all on a roll of super toasty goodness! With a Mini Bag of Covered Bridge Kettle Cooked Chips and crisp Dill Pickle, I decided to add a side of coleslaw so that I could get the full David's experience. The warmth of this roll infused even more flavor into the huge chunks of warm, tender lobster as the butter melts into everything, especially that toasty roll for a perfect crispness on the outside and softness on the inside. The light citrus from the lemon compliments this delectable shellfish and the garlic is a perfect companion to the lobster's naturally subtle sweetness, the chives add in a crispness of flavor for a great combination that really is Some Fancy. Honestly, this Lobster Roll is the perfect welcome to PEI when it comes to newcomers and a taste of fond memories for our locals, which is likely why Dave's has already won the hearts of regulars! My side slaw was great, fresh and citrus-y with a touch of cilantro that made it stand out from it's peers of typically prepared coleslaw. It was definitely a taste of Summer and pleasantly cool in it's flavors; just as refreshing as Dave's decor!

Of course, the Covered Bridge Brand chips were delicious. I've always known that this brand, which hails from New Brunswick (Go Atlantic Provinces!), are great but when paired with PEI Lobster...Yum! Crispy, crunchy potatoes, perfectly cooked and then salted with sea salt. If you haven't tried Covered Bridge's Chips, make your first time at Dave's!

And knowing me, you'll understand that I can't really go anywhere without dessert and coffee, because coffee is practically my life blood! With the delicious stuff hailing from Row 142, this coffee is roasted right Downtown and was perfectly brewed at Dave's. A light roast that while it not only matched dessert, went with the whole meal. Who knew you could drink coffee with lobster? As of now, me! As for dessert, a Cinnamon Roll from Mary's Bakery in Cornwall was lovely because let's face it you don't get more PEI than these Cinnamon Rolls which are famous across the entire Island. They're sweet, kissed with cinnamon, gooey and crunchy. So essentially, they're pretty much perfect. Oh and did I mention how big they are!? No dinky cinnamon rolls here. They've always been my favorite but now they're at Dave's; talking about sweet, sweet providence.

Really though, it's not just me that's in love with Dave! ...I mean Dave's Lobster! Although he deserves a big hug for creating such a great place to hang out and eat. You've got to know it's amazing when all the customer's compliment the food on their way out. Just consider this review a big virtual hug from another one of your fan's Dave.

Oh and for those of you who aren't ready for lobster yet or have little ones with you, Dave's offers Gourmet Grilled Cheese for kids and kids at heart.

So now, as they say on the Island...Have at 'er!

Monday, 9 June 2014

Dine Around PEI at the Gahan House

There's always a reason to celebrate the culinary on Prince Edward Island. With the bounty of incredible natural resources which we have in the hands of some of the world's most talented Chef's we're really just one great big year long culinary festival! But of course, we're the kind of Province that always looks for more unique ways to represent our Chef's and Producers and this month just happens to be Dine Around!

If you didn't experience Dine Around this past weekend, worry not, friends you've still got June 12th to 15th to get out there and, well dine around. As for me...where else would I be but getting in on all the action? After going over each Dine Around specific Menu, I knew exactly where I wanted to go; The Gahan House! Why? Because they're awesome and because they've got Chef Dwayne MacLeod, that's why. Of course, those two things equate to food that'll blow your mind with it's collectively delicious nature.

So take my hand, walk into the historically atmospheric Gahan House and sit down to one of the best meal's I've ever eaten. (It'll be one of the best you have too, but you'd better make your reservation now.)

Starting out with the Appetizer, I was presented with a tasting that's honestly got all of my favorite things, so much so that Julie Andrews could sing a song about it, really. Chef Dwayne put together a Beer and Cheese tasting so fine that I could hardly believe it was the the start to this whole meal; talk about making first impressions. There were three Gahan Beer samplers, which was perfect for me because it just happens that their beer is one of my passions. They're what started me drinking beer and I owe them for my refined tastes in the art of beer brewing. That said, the 1772 IPA Ale (my personal favorite), Sir John A Honey Wheat Ale and Iron Bridge Ale excited me when paired with Jeff McCourt's Gouda!

Yes indeed, Jeff's Glasgow Glen Farm's Gouda Lady Cheese was there for my adoration! As always, I love his impeccable cheese and there was so much of it to love. With Muster Pepper Gouda, Peppercorn Gouda, Mild Gouda and Beer Gouda, featuring Gahan's Sydney St. Ale, I had so many reasons to be excited. They were all unique, each with it's own distinct flavor infusion and always perfectly creamy.

And that wasn't the end of this, the appetizer that keeps on giving; there was also Cow's Aged White Cheddar, Prosciutto, Blackberries and Strawberries! The options truly were limitless, it was like a playground for foodies because every aspect paired with the next so that you're given a whole assortment of flavor experiences. Some of my favorites included the Prosciutto with the Iron Bridge Ale, the Peppercorn Gouda with the 1772 IPA and Cow's Cheddar Sir John A's. There's really too much to say about everything except that it's one of those things you've really got to try. Earthy, sweet, tangy, spicy and overall exceptionally versatile. F. Scott Fitzgerald talks about the "inexhaustible variety of life" in one of his novel's and I think that this tasting and really got a true grasp on this concept!

Before we move onto the next course, I want to give a huge shout out to the Gahan's award winning General Manager Chris O'Keefe! This guy is one of the most charismatic people I've come across in the restaurant industry, his personality just makes you want to smile and it's no wonder that when met with Chef Dwayne's Culinary Talent, the Gahan is such a roaring success!

Oh...and the Biscuits so totally deserve a shout out too! While not as epic as Chris, they're flaky layers that are as light as air certainly make me feel a more awesome after I eat them! Also big points for that presentation, we're very devoted to biscuits here on PEI, but that's got to be the prettiest plate I've ever seen!

Okay, now I know you're just waiting with bated taste buds to find out about the Main Course and so I won't torture you any longer! Bring it on!

See that? That's Steak and Scallops ala Chef Dwayne MacLeod! Presented as if they were for a Queen, this plate looks as good as it tastes! (Think about that for a minute, because I know you were just admiring how gorgeous that plating is,) With Island Grilled Rib Eye Steak, Cajun Butter Scallops, Garlic and Herb Mashed Potatoes and Local Seasonal Vegetables the combined visual and scent were a tantalizing prelude to the intoxicating flavors that were to come.

Being the beef eater that I am, I went for the steak first. This Rib Eye was perfectly medium well, exactly to order and the very first word that came to mind with that inaugural bite was juicy. Of course, that was quickly followed by thoughts such as delicious, tender, beefy perfection and then a long "Mmmmmm" in for good measure as I took one bite after another! This Island Beef was 100% respected by Chef Dwayne, you can tell it's his favorite cut of beef because it's prepared so beautifully, then again that's just like all of the other amazing food that enters his kitchen an comes out transformed into pieces of edible art!

Speaking of edible art, the scallops were a masterpiece in and of themselves! Cajun Butter needs to marry Scallops because this flavor pairing is SO meant to be and no pun intended here, we're talking about love at first bite. Smooth as the butter that was adorning them, these scallops were tender, smooth and melted in your mouth with a bit of heat from the Cajun spice. To me it begs the question as to what's Chef Dwayne's secret, because he pulls of flawless meals like they're child's play! I guess that's just the mark of a Master.

Of course, the Island fresh veggies were a star on the plate as well! The Fiddle Heads were crisp and rustic, making beautiful harmony with the equally awesome asparagus which both lend their earthy flavors to the rest of this course and both are made even more tasty with a kick when dipped in a little bit of the Cajun Butter. The Mashed Potatoes were so terrific that when I first tasted them I knew I could just devour a whole bowl full! They were creamy, buttery and the herb and garlic infused into this mash could make any potato aspire to greatness! I mean if I were a potato, that mash is totally where I'd want to be.

Now I'll continue with the between course shout outs and give a great big hello and virtual hug to waitresses Candace and Suzanne! Both of these ladies were incredibly sweet, welcoming and accommodating! I felt like I was Candace's friend from the moment I stepped through the door and Suzanne was as friendly as can be.

Now, the last course; Dessert! But unlike how Shakespeare looks as farewells, I say 'Parting is such sweet deliciousness'! The Warm Rhubarb and Pistachio Strudel with Aged Cheddar and Cow's Ice Cream, this dessert warmed my heart and plunged it into a refreshingly sweet happy place. So indulgent whilst staying fresh and cool, I couldn't have imagined better. The Cow's Ice Cream was their signature Vanilla which was ideally cool alongside the ambrosic dessert that Chef Dwayne prepared especially for Dine Around! The layers of phyllo were flaky and warm. And as if that wasn't enough adding another aspect of decadent was the sweet and rich whipped cream! Oh, see that cheese? Cheddar with dessert is a time tested tradition that gives this dessert a truly unique edge, the savory aged cheddar lending itself to the strudel in a way that you must try!

All and all? This is the total package when it comes to Dine Around. From Gallery worthy presentation to flavors in each course that tied the meal together and an over-all quality of dining that made everything extraordinary, The Gahan House is the place to be for this year's Dine Around!

I know that I had a perfect meal from start to finish, so why not treat yourself and do the same thing too? With a set menu price of $35.00 the Gahan is generous and beyond in giving you all the best they have to offer!

And just in case this whole review didn't come across as a shout out to Chef Dwayne MacLeod...I love your food, Chef Dwayne!


Monday, 2 June 2014

Sunday Brunch at Red Shore's Top of the Park Restaurant

I'm no stranger to Red Shores Top of the Park Restaurant, their buffets have magnetic force like nothing else which leaves me attached to their ever-changing variety of awe-inspiring culinary delights. I think I subtly got my point across on how awesome they are in a previous review "A Buffet Worth Marrying at the Top of the Park". Okay, so maybe I wasn't really subtle, but let's face it, when I'm that excited by food, how can I be anything but dramatic!

And while the Top of the Park's weekly buffets continue to wow me, they've made another fantastic addition to their restaurant. It's got everything that makes me sing the praises of their weekly offerings with the most important meal of the day thrown in; Breakfast! Yes, their Sunday Brunch, while only new has got enough rep to make you think it's been around since before ever.

Chef Andrew Smith's talent and sense of variety has always captured my imagination; he constantly comes out with unique menus for each spread at the Top of the Park and skillfully delivers the highest quality food in a buffet that will take your breath away. It's truly astounding, really and now with breakfast added into the mix, he just proves that going the distance is no problem for him. Add those qualities in with that winning smile and it's no wonder the regulars at the Top of the Park call him a celebrity!

Honestly, their whole crew it outstanding, Amanda a terrific part of the Culinary Team, Food Supervisor Beth, Waitresses Shelagh and Felicity, Hostess Sarah and everyone, there's warm welcomes, big smiles and genuine caring all around.

And while I could go on to you forever just about that, I know what you're here for and what I can't wait to tell you about...the food! A Brunch fit for royalty, there was everything you could want and even new favorites you didn't know you loved.

Starting off with breakfast, it's hard to pick what to talk about first... Chef Andrew's Stuffed French Toast is a great jumping off point though with this weekend variety being of the Chocolate Raspberry, "It's calling my name" variety. Literally, this French Toast is stuffed with raspberry cream cheese, drizzled with chocolate and then dusted with powdered sugar... But spiritually, it's stuffed, drizzled and dusted with epic. All that smooth, creamy goodness smothered between two pieces of French Toast made with french bread...Mmmmmm.

And as fate would have it, my own personal breakfast indulgence was there. Eggs Benedict, in all of is glory say on that buffet like it had been made for a Queen. Or me. Same thing, right? Well, not really, but it certainly tasted like some of the best Eggs Benedict I've ever had! A truly creamy delight with it's savory and buttery hollandaise atop a perfectly poached egg, tender, juicy ham and a toasty English muffin. All together, you can dial Y for Yum because this is a breakfast treat that'll steal your heart. It's already got mine. Seriously.

On top of those two very special pieces, there was a ton of other awesome breakfast items! The Mini Pancakes were not only cute, but so fluffy and buttery that they had all the comforts of home. Topped with the perfect blueberry compote companion and sweet, sweet pure maple syrup, I'm glad they're mini because that the perfect size for eating even more! Home Fries are obviously a breakfast staple and these potatoes paid tribute to the heartiness of these beloved PEI vegetable with a nice crisp and fluffy balance (if you love home fries, you know what I mean) and then prepared as if to say "Good Morning" with gentle and flavorful seasoning. The traditional with a culinary twist continues with Scrambled Eggs that were superbly fluffy, deliciously buttery and creamy with cheddar cheese mixed in for that savory little punch. Add in Classic Herbed Breakfast Sausage and Crispy Thick Cut Bacon and you think that would be perfect!

Not for Chef Andrew, he's got to have even more awesome, even more blow your mind out yumminess!

Now for the "Lunch" part of this Brunch, because the glory doesn't end at breakfast as you can see from the photos of my plate. I started myself with a bowl of Bacon Potato Soup which was smoky and yet mild as the creamy potato and bacon come together in this lovely soup. On the Carvery this Sunday was Maple Glazed Ham it was simply delicious, juiciness goes to a new level with the sweet hint of maple and succulent as always from the Top of the Park. After that I went for the Pork Button Bones with Orange Soy Glaze, which I honestly think speak for themselves from their name, but I will say that this was some serious fall off the bone meat that had a sinfully good glaze with the savory soy and contrast of the sweet, fragrant orange.

Now, there was even more to partake in when it comes to lunch at the Top of the Park's Brunch but I had to save some room for the...Desserts!

Chocolate Cherry Gluten Free Dreams Bars were what started off my dessert and they were dreamy, no pun intended. They were sweet and decadent, with candied cherries and chocolate ganache. Every bite of this little power house made me say "wow"! With desserts like this, Chef Andrew would make wheat-free living a sweet, sweet thing. The Lemon and Cream Cheese Danish was made up of layers of flaky and delicate pastry that wrapped themselves around a heart of sweet lemon curd and cream cheese. Honestly, if I could, I would have one of these every morning! Next is a dessert that British Columbia would be proud of! The Cafe Latte Nanaimo Squares were sweet with a hint of espresso-y goodness that's ideal for me and my coffee obsessed personage. Last but certainly not least I had a Lemon Curd Tart and this little delight made me feel like I should be at a garden party with lace gloves, sipping tea and discussing literature and life. Any dessert that can make a girl feel like a proper lady is certainly worth lots of kudos to me!

And that's not all! I wasn't able to take in everything at the Top of the Park's Brunch, but I hope that I'm able to bring you a little closer and hungrier for this delectable buffet!

For those who're really curious there were herb and garlic mussels with melted butter, steamed vegetables, whipped potatoes, spicy chicken wings, steamed vegetables, a whole salad bar of fresh veggies and cool salads, rolls, squares, gourmet cookies bread pudding, three different pies, pudding parfait, sugar-free desserts...and more! Wow, that's a mouthful. Literally.

My suggestion? Go to the Top of the Park, especially for their Brunch and always try to call ahead and make reservations because, this place, like any amazing entity in the world is in high demand so everyone wants to get in on this buffet! And here's a helpful little tip, the Father's Day Brunch is coming up this month to book ahead for that too and treat your Darling Dad to the brunch of his life!
where you can,

With it being so easy to taste and see why they're so popular, you must be left wondering what I think is the very best part of this Buffet...


'Nuff said.

Thursday, 29 May 2014

A Lobster Extravaganza at The Row House Lobster Co.

Happy One-Hundred, everyone! This post is number 100 in all of the adventures that I've shared with you and as I sat back and tried to decide what would mark this fantastic milestone something jumped out of me in all in shiny and new glory!

What's that something, you ask? Well, it's actually some place and it just happens to be one of Downtown Charlottetown's newest (and in my opinion hippest) restaurants! The Row House Lobster Co. is nestled at the center of Victoria Row and everything about it speaks to Summer, enjoyment and the freshness of the sea itself. Everything at the Row House is infused with Island charm that'll steal your heart from it's rustically chic atmosphere right down to the menu which is loaded with inventive and delectable takes on Lobster.

Now you understand why I chose to pay the Row House a visit for number one-hundred, don't you?

Oh, and did I mention that I'm practically a lobster virgin? It might be difficult to believe, but in my life I've had all of two, minute tastes of lobster. The Row House changed all of that, turning me into a total lobster lover! And truly, I'm never going back! This taste of pure PEI was way too impressive and I have a feeling I'll be trusting the Row House with all my lobster needs in the future, because honestly, that food was good enough to marry.

Chef Erin Henry worked magic with these fantastic crustaceans that must be tasted to be believed! Offering everything from Tacos to Lollipops and of course the ever classic Church Supper, lobster gets the five-star treatment in every way. It was so difficult to choose from their menu that the only way I could decide was to tell myself that I'd be back again and again to sample the entire thing!

As for today, I tried two different takes on lobster and dessert; so I'll stop torturing you and let you in on the goods!

For starters I went with the PEI Lobster Poutine, which consists of hand cut, PEI Potato fries, butter poached, lobster, b├ęchamel, cheese curds and a touch of "this is the best thing ever". Right from the start, this poutine has a presence that commands your attention, with its colorful and artistic presentation to the scent of heavenly creaminess. It's two of PEI's flagship foods, in one uniquely Canadian dish that pleases from every aspect. The first bite is an experience in and of itself as generous chunks of rich, melt-in-your-mouth lobster enrobed in buttery b├ęchamel and melty cheese curds mingle with deliciously rustic fries. Talk about decadence, this is a purified bowl of decadence topped with just enough crisp green onion to create a contrast of flavor that's perfectly artistic. Unbelievably smooth and a paragon of awesome, this poutine is way too good to share.

Have I got your attention yet? Well stop drooling on your keyboard, because there's much, much more! Chef Erin had even more heart-stealing tricks up her sleeve for me today.

But before I go on, all due tribute needs to be given to the fact that everything that comes from the Row House's kitchen is made in house. Preserving the timeless Island tradition of down to earth, home made cooking under the influence of an inventive and current menu. I really feel that fact speaks for itself, but I'll just add that you can taste it in every single bite and see it on every plate.

And next I went for a classic, the Row House's Mini Lobster Roll, which is served with their slaw and I added on a side of Potato Salad. Because who can have chilled lobster without potato salad?

Starting with the potato salad, I've got to say something. Remember how I just said everything is house made? Well the Row House's mayonnaise is too and it's so light that I could swear this mayo's been whipped into perfection! Covering the perfectly cooked potato gems, there's a lot to love about this salad. Crisp and cool, indulgent and oh, so fresh. It makes the lobster proud to share a plate with it and it makes me proud to say I've eaten it! I could go on and on just about the potato salad, but I know you're just waiting to hear about the lobster roll.

As you can see, it's plated so sweetly that honestly my sense of aesthetic just wanted to sit there for eternity and stare at it's loveliness. Thankfully, my sense of smell and taste were way too excited to sit still and I went for it! The roll is done just right, fluffy on the inside with a slight crisp on the outside thanks to being perfectly toasted with lobster's best friend; butter! The lobster...oh, for the love of lobster! It was creamy, smooth, savory, buttery, delicious, with a hint of sweet and...uh, let's just say it's quintessentially PEI, because I've exhausted most of the positive words in my food repertoire. Seriously though, the lobster was just that stupendous! The way the Row House treats lobster is exactly what converted me into a lover and I owe them a lot in that sense. A kitchen party on the palate, this is one gourmet lobster roll that you cannot miss!

Of course, just like everything, the slaw was perfectly matched to the lobster with it's light body and bold flavors. Crisp veggies are complimented with a kick of citrus infused vinaigrette that sings on your taste buds. It's like the bow on the plate that's an invariable Epicurean's picnic!

Now, before I lead you into the endless pleasure that was my dessert, I have to give a shout out to both Cynthia and Jessica. Wholeheartedly devoted to the Row House, Cynthia is a sweetheart who takes pride in the work she has done to bring the Row House to the successful and undoubtedly perfect sensory experience that it is. Talking to her, it was easy to see how, with her motivation, the Row House is what it is. And then of course, there was Jessica who is just about the kindest waitress ever! Miss Congeniality? You bet! As we spoke, I thought to myself how perfect it is that Tourists who come into the Row House will be meeting her since she's got the heart of Island hospitality down to an art!

Let me say this about dessert; Turtle Cheesecake in a Jar. Now, I just want you to take a second and prepare yourself because its even better than it sounds! (Not entirely sure how that's possible, but it is.) The miniature mason jar that it's presented in yet another adorable nod to the Island's culture. Disarmingly rich from the first, purely indulgent bite, this cheesecake is perfect in every way! So sweet and pure, it sent me on a round trip to Heaven! Layers of pecans, caramel, chocolate cheesecake and a crunchy cookie bottom topped with whipped cream could easily make Turtle, chocolate or otherwise, incredibly jealous! The epitome of richness, smoothness and velvet in  your mouth, I wasn't going to miss a taste and got that jar clean in order to enjoy every. single. bite.

The perfect end to the perfect meal with a cup of my favorite drink; coffee!

After my visit today, I could see, taste, smell and completely understand that the Row House does our Island proud. Their heart goes into everything with a respect for the food that is truly mirrors the effort and dedication of our lobster men and women. From the very first minute to the very last bite everything at the Row House is polished and flawless.

On PEI, everyone has to get a feed during Lobstering season a boy did I get mine. The Row House has only just opened but I predict that they're going to be a wildly popular fixture on Victorian Row for generations to come.

Sunday, 25 May 2014

New Festival of Wines PEI: Day Two

There's so many reasons to love wine! The way it awakens your senses, how it's a catalyst for great conversation and even how it brings you to that special "me" place of relaxation. But out of every reason there is to hail this internationally adored drink, I had two very special ones this weekend thanks to the New Festival of Wines in Charlottetown, Presented by Investor's Group!

Having been to the Festival the night before, I already had my eye on some amazing wines, but with over 260 offerings, I took a moment to relax at the Lounge sponsored by Cox and Palmer to check out my Festival guide and select even more! Award winners to locally sourced wines, each bottle is an experience and what's great about the Festival is that you can go to the on site store to purchase any or even all of your favorites.

So after marking my guide, writing book in hand, I set off to my first wine of the evening!

A fun and fresh start to my evening, Yellow Tail Sangria is an Australian Wine that was prepared over ice with some delicious citrus fruit for this tasting. It has a refreshing scent and reminded me of carefree Summer Days. From the Festival's spotlight Country, I was inspired by this almost flirty drink to start planning my activities for the next season, most of them turning out to involve a beautiful crystal punch bowl filled with this wine for my friends to partake in! Viva la Summer with this fruity and flirty Sangria!

Moving along to something a bit more intense, I found Cantena Alta, which is an extraordinarily concentrated Malbec with a 2010 vintage that made my senses absolutely soar! Rated at 91 by Wine Spectator for a reason, this wine has the color of a gem, which is exactly what it is. So warm and inviting, this red wine is impossible to resist and let's face it, being that good, who would want to resist it?

Speaking of things that are impossible to resist, the food from the Redwater Grille by Chef Jane Crawford is certainly one of those things. As you can see on my blog, I've been a fan of the Redwater for a very long time so you can imagine my excitement at seeing such glorious food before me!

My first taste was Asian fusion at it's best! The Korean Short Rib Tacos were loaded with fresh flavors and crisp ingredients that paired stupendously with the buttery short ribs and creamy ginger aioli. The Cilantro Sesame Slaw cinched the perfect Asian tone of the taco while the soft flour tortilla was a lovely base. Honestly, all I could say eating this was yum...because I was way too busy eating them!

That was only the beginning of all the imaginative food that Chef Jane was serving up, since the next thing I had was Candy Apple Chicken Wings with Blue Cheese Power and Green Onion. Can I get an OMG? I mean Candy. Apple. Chicken. Wings. It nearly blew my mind so much that I had to take a second to process how amazing it was. Sweet and savory with a kick of blue cheese and fresh green onion, there was everything to love about these appetizers! Let's face it, these are wings as only Chef Jane could create them!

Next was the Haute Poutine, a couture twist on this Canadian classic! With the most flavorful gravy, I've had to date, it had to be the duck confit in this gravy that made the difference. It was pure, decadent and bold with all that savory, creaminess that every gravy could aspire to. With melt in your mouth duck and picked onions melting in your mouth, this was a fork-full of perfection. All over super crunchy PEI Potato Hush Puppies, those cute little morsels add a fun crunch to such a classy take on poutine!

And after all that, you couldn't imagine anything getting better. But it does! If you're not sitting down, you better be before I tell you the dessert that Chef Jane served. Maple Cheese Cake Bites graced the Wine Festival like a chorus of angels singing to your mouth! These sweet and salty heaven scents were a party of their own as the came together with flavor and texture. Pure Maple-y silk on the inside with a crunch of decadent Dark Chocolate and the wow-inspiring Salted Bacon Brittle! I could eat these forever guessed it, ever!

Well played, Chef Jane, well played. You stole my taste buds again and again and again with all of these taste tempting foods. It just goes to prove that I can never go too long without your culinary creations, it's just the way life works.

After all the inspiration I wanted to pick a wine that would steal my heart away and so headed over to the Peller table, because who can beat a classic Canadian Winery? Their Ice Curvee Rose was exactly the wine I was looking for! This Chardonnay has delicate bubbles that tickled my tongue with it's sophisticated balance between sweet and intense. Special enough that it could be saved for special occasions and yet fun enough for even a picnic at the beach, the only was I can describe it is playful and elegant, kind of like the Marilyn Monroe of wines.

Staying within our great Country's borders, I moved onto some selections that are close to heart and home! Rossignol is located on the picturesque South Shore of PEI and offers a huge and eclectic range of wines and liqueurs that are unique and PEI-centric. I had three specific drinks in my mind, three liqueurs that I've known about but never had the chance to sip. Well, this was my chance!

First from Rossignol was their Rose Liqueur which is presented in a stunning violin styled bottle. That translates perfectly to the flavor in your mouth, each sip blossoms in your mouth with a sweetness that shows it's bold side the more you get to know it. If I could pick one drink that could characterize my personality, I really think it would be this. I much prefer my roses in a liqueur than a bouquet, thanks to Rossignol!

Then the Cassis and Maple Liqueurs battled it out for my affection! But, and this might sound cliche, I loved them both equally, but for such different reasons! Deep, sweet and intense, the Cassis was like the tastiest wake up call I've ever had, luscious warmth and fruitiness made it perfectly memorable with every taste. Opposite from the Cassis, the Maple Liqueur was light, sweet and should be Canada's national drink. It would be so delicious in coffee, over vanilla bean ice cream, on pancakes or pretty much anything.

After all of that excitement courtesy of Canada's wine-makers I had to move along and pay tribute to something else that's equally as Canadian, Cheese! With two exhibitor's sharing their cheeses, I was so excited to see what they were offering.

Cow's Creamery came with a trio of cheeses; their Cloth Bound Avonlea Cheddar is the perfect cheese for wine! We're talking the height of sharpness and depth of flavor; it's earned every single award it's received and completely won my heart! Prepared with a special time-honored process, you can taste the years of tradition that stands behind this cheese. Their Cow's Creamery Applewood Smoked and Creamery White Cheddar are both classics and creamily delicious! The Applewood being every beautiful thing that the White Cheddar is but with it's smokiness, it would be the prefect compliment to earthy wines in my humble opinion.

Next, for more cheesy goodness was the Dairy Farmers of Canada with three unique cheeses. A creamy Boursin Red Chili Pepper spread on delicious breath was pleasure with attitude! Irresistibly smooth, it's perfect for parties or even just relaxing and indulging. I think I'll have a fun time pairing this fiery cheese!  Seeing the ADL Cheddar felt like coming home. This cheese, cultivated on PEI is so fresh you can taste it in every creamy bite! Last of my cheeses was a Swiss that hails from Quebec that had me from the first sniff! This cheese is the perfect Swiss that's enjoyable for everyone because of it's mild and still uniquely Swiss flavor.

After that I went to try out the Medallion Smoked Salmon table where they were serving up some of the best Salmon this Isle has to offer. Smoky and smooth, with all of the freshness of Salmon, I could think of a thousand different culinary uses for this Salmon. I can't wait to go and purchase some for myself because it belongs just about everywhere. At breakfast on bagels, lunch on pasta and dinner with some elegant dish dreamed up by an Executive Chef; Medallion Salmon wins best in taste!

Making my way across the room I was cheerfully greeted by the people from the PEI International Shellfish Festival! With all the flair of true Island hospitality they were serving up oysters and shucking people in. I was just a spectator since I've yet to build up the courage to try my first oyster but they made it look like so much fun that I'm marking my calendar to save the dates (September 18 - 21) for the Shellfish Festival so I can get shucked in myself!

And so, with the night coming to a close, I knew that I would have to pick two last wines that I could indulge in and savor as the last two cheers of the festival.

The first of the last was 3 Bridges an Award Winning Shiraz from Australia that fully expresses just how profound they are as a wine making Country. Full and spicy, this wine was seductive and all too tempting with it's cozy embrace on the palate, powerful mouth-feel and hints of vanilla and oak that made it something very special for me. Magnificent and flawless would describe this wine from the first sniff to the final sip!

Last was a super impressive, another award earning wine Les Jamelles trio of grapes from France with big, bold flavor! The Grenache, Syrah and Mourverde come together with spice and warmth that still surprisingly hosts a juicy nature with plum-like notes. Which all adds up to a complex wine that represents a unique blend of what France can offer to us, the wine lovers of the world.

And so with all of this said and all these wines later, I'm left with only one question... Why can't we have a month-long Festivals of Wines? It's a celebration of local talent, word class wines and grapes. Because let's all remember that this event starts with the earth and grapes that once cultivated by passionate humans become a drink that has inspired a broad range of people to greatness.


Oh...and I couldn't leave without another stop at the Property Guy's photo booth to hang out with the morphsuit men and take a fun snap shot!

Say, Cabernet Sauvignon!