Sunday, 2 August 2015

PEI Hooley Ceilidh at Avonlea Village in Cavendish, PEI

a social event at which there is Scottish or Irish folk music and singing, traditional dancing, and storytelling.

One thing Google forgot to mention in their definition of a Ceilidh is that it's synonyms with entertainment on PEI and has been for decades along with the fact that you haven really, fully experienced PEI culture until you've partied like an Islander. These showcases of outstanding local talented are littered across the province, but for me, at Avonlea Village in Cavendish, there's something truly special. The PEI Hooley, with Gary Chipman and friends is a lively and spectacular display of the music which has been a foundation of Island culture for as long as your great-grandmother's grandmother can remember!

Lucky enough to be at the inaugural Ceilidh, I was thrilled at joining in on the musical fun and visiting Avonlea Village all at the same time. A fantastic venue, the Hooley itself is held in a historic church which was once frequented by L.M Montgomery herself while the surrounding 'village' will woo you with it's pickets and charm. The old-fashioned buildings are home to local artisan shops and culinary treasures while displaying all the romance of the sweet Avonlea that was described as beloved Anne's Hometown.

As you're greeted at the Church's entrance, the first impression of Island hospitality is a precursor to what the next two hours have in store! Delight, humor, warmth and genuine down to earth charm. All this housed in the open Church, it's ceiling free so that you can marvel at the architectural beams above. Seated throughout the intimate building, everyone is part of the community there and that fact is Illustrated at hostess Marsha Weeks introduces any special Ceilidh goers and gets everyone acquainted by discovering where we were all from. Luckily enough there was a spry woman, 101 years young at our show. There must be something in the Island air since she didn't look a day over 25, well...75, but who's counting?

As for the main event, each PEI Hooley Ceilidh features Gary Chipman, an award-winning Island Musican and charismatic entertainer with a songbook as open as his heart. As a fiddler and vocalist his reputation precedes him with, treating guests to everything from the classics to Stompin' Tom and Don Messer style fiddling. He's the quintessential PEI entertainer and a stellar headliner for the Hooley!

Along with his friends Blair Coughlin, Rodney Savidant and Brad Fremlin, they wake the imagination with warm maritime tunes which hail from across the Atlantic provinces; their music painting a spirited portrait of life in the maritimes. Each song opening your ears and hearts to the sound of souls of Maritimers, deeply connected to the lives and emotions at the core of Atlantic life. Some of my very favorites being the Tennessee Waltz (our hostess Marsha even joined fiddling a reprise) and the electrifying Orange Blossom Special!

A rare treat during the show was Brad Fremlin playing the saw. Yes, you read that right, the saw; typically known as a hardware tool and transformed into a delicately beautiful instrument for the night. With a soft, almost lilting soprano tone, it enchanted the crowd as a reverent hush filled the church. Fiddle bow to saw, a serene rendition of Amazing Grace was Brad's most appropriate selection for such a venue.

One special feature of the Hooley is that each show is unique with special guests! For this first show Joey Kitson joined in with his two exceptionally talented children Annie and Julien! A real family affair, there's sweet music in the Kitson blood that ranges from the deep rooted folk genres to rock classics and even blues. They display a special kind of diversity which leaves listeners in awe.

With a range of instruments that include fiddle, piano, guitar, vocals, mandolin and Joey's Trusty harmonica! Both thirteen year old Julien and fifteen year old Annie amazed with their singing and passion for music. Julien soloing with his guitar and showing off his pride in his heritage and undeniable talent. Especially skilled on the guitar, his performance was that of someone beyond his years. His Sister Annie on the fiddle and piano were wonderful and her heart felt rendition of Snowbird.

The two of them are a real testament that you're never too young to live out your dreams!

Of course, no Ceilidh would be complete without dancing! Jordan Chowden was our high energy step dancer who had people in the audience swooning with excitement! Truly defining the phrase 'fancy footwork', he's a truly accomplished young man and already has an impressive reputation, even able to boast as 9th in the world for bagpipes!

The spontaneity of the the whole program excites and the talent inspires. The whole crowd was clapping, singing and stomping along to the music! With Island mood and hospitality from beginning to end, the church was alive with laughter and happiness! Everyone feeling welcome and embraced like family, wherever they're from, for this time we're all Islanders partaking in a purely Island tradition!

On Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday nights you'll find this must-see show starting at 7:30 PM and I recommend it to both visitors and Islanders alike!

Friday, 17 July 2015

Another Perfect Day at the Barachois Inn

As you can imagine, I've been having a purely heavenly day and the reason why is the Barachois Inn. My retreat on the third floor on the Inn has proved perfect for quiet contemplation and even a bit of creative writing, which is no surprise, considering how quaint this Victorian treasure is. As I mentioned in my previous post, it's like stepping into one of L.M. Montgomery's novels and into the true past of the Island's charming olden days. It's done wonders for my imagination and I feel a tranquility deep in my soul which belongs to the Barachois. WIth my return to this lovely Inn, I wanted to take in as much as possible and so booked two different rooms in their traditional Gallant House.

So I've moved into the room across the hall from me; the Victorian Traditional Three! The only other room on the third floor, it too takes advantage of the unique architecture that the mansard roof offers. Much like the Traditional Four it offers dormer windows with delicate curtains and breathtaking views overlooking the Barachois' property. However, this room is different in it's cozy romanticism, making it perfect for couples looking to share an intimate hideaway perched among the trees. It feel as if you're sitting in the sky as you peer out amongst the garden from your bird's eye view and I swear, with all of the soft beauty around, I can practically touch Heaven!

Yes, utterly romantic, this room features a beautiful a Queen Sized mahogany sleigh bed, it's crisp white coverings accentuating its' elegance and presence among the antiques of this room. Comfy and cloud-like, I can tell that like all of the beds at the Barachois my sleep will be sweet. Looking onto an antique wood cabinet, that conceals a flat screen TV, it's the best of the Victorian era while hiding all of the little touches that we crave as a modern society. I for one, am completely content to sit at the antique desk, writing postcards and reading quietly while listening to soft music. And with it's third floor location, it's the perfect spot for peace and quiet.

Another hopelessly romantic touch is the antique claw foot tub which sits under a particularly prominent slant in the mansard roof. With the delicate and fresh floral wallpaper and the tub's depth, you know it's time for a good, relaxing soak as soon as the bathroom welcomes you. Obviously my favorite part of the bathroom, there are other small touches that speak to this house's lifetime two decades ago. Throughout the entire room, you'll find furnishings and curios which would have been the delight of days gone by and still never fail to delight today.

A thoroughly "Anne" Room, this would be perfect for a couple who want to share in the same atmosphere that no doubt fostered the imagining of Anne and Gilbert's timeless romance. Given that I am so lucky to be experiencing many aspects of the Barachois Inn for myself, I can literally say that there is a room for every taste and ideal for every occasion. It's wonderful to think that such diversity is held within one property located in one of the most heavenly corners of PEI. A helpful hint for Anne fans, the Barachois actually offers a really fantastic Anne themed package which will see you around to all of the significant sites on the Island, one of the musicals Anne's story has inspired, a carriage ride with Matthew and more! It just goes to show how organized and amazing things can be when you let the professionals do your planning for you.

I also got the opportunity to spend part of my day taking in the Barachois' Gallant House. This nearly two-hundred year old house is a testament to Rustico's history and to Innkeepers Judy and Gary's dedication to the property. With three floors, decorated in pristine detail, every corner is a discovery and each window frames a picturesque scene of the environment around you. I get such a thrill just climbing the stairs, taking my time and looking at all the little pieces around, especially the one-of-a-kind artwork that makes the walls lively with soul. A tribute to great Canadian artists, each piece has been hand selected by Judy who has squired them in all manner of ways, whether it be from the artists themselves or even adopting them from auctions. Her history in the arts industry shines through with each unique piece making themselves right at home on her walls.

And speaking of feeling right at home, that's exactly the way that I feel here. Relaxing in their beautiful parlor and letting my soul absorb it's elegance, there is a real sense that I am home. Across the antique piano are photographs of Judy and Gary's family, giving you a glimpse into their lives and how the importance of their family has built such a wonderful place to welcome others. Discerning taste has brought together all of the antiques that make up this space and although many clearly come from different places and unique origins, they're all a part of the Barachois now. Being connected by the common love that brought them together. Especially the light fixture, I really love that light fixture!

Another day at the Barahois Inn, I think I may never, ever leave. Ever.

Thursday, 16 July 2015

A Deliciously Beautiful Morning at the Barachois Inn

There's nothing quite like a country morning in Prince Edward Island when it's being experienced in all of the glorious little details of nature. This is the reason why many make the Island their yearly getaway and for me, I haven't found one place that can offer a more pure translation of this quality than the Barachois Inn. To wake up in the morning to the serenade of songbirds, soft rustling of leave from their garden's mature trees and the brilliantly shimmering ocean as it's backdrop, it's the best of what PEI's nature has to offer.

Being in the middle of it all is an irresistible draw for those seeking the ultimate tranquility and it's undeniably the reason why I find myself returning to the Barachois Inn. Rustico, PEI is a treasure and the Barachois in it's jewel, welcoming people seeking sanctuary from across the globe.

This morning, waking up invigorated by the soft Island air that filled my room with its' freshness as I slept, I took a walk through the Barachois's Victorian Garden and over to the MacDonald House to their fitness center. WIth the still of the morning and looking out past the colorful flowers to Rustico Bay, I had to pinch myself and make sure that I was truly awake, It's a waking dream!

Down in the fitness center, it was still early so I had the whole room to myself and was able to get in a quick workout before breakfast. With the Barachois' location being hidden away in one of the quietest and most picturesque corners of the Island, it's convenient to have everything you need right on property. The ability to drive everywhere with ease is fantastic, but to have the softness of Country mornings and the convenience of a guest gym only steps away, it feels like Judy and Gary have thought of everything for the happiness of their guests.

My workout done, it was only a small walk through the garden again to return to the Gallant House for breakfast! I've been wishing for another one of the Barachois' country style breakfasts again and, like my return, that wish has come true! With a pot of coffee at my table in the charming Dining Room, I begin that most delicious morning ritual. Once again their yummy fruit salad is ready to start off breakfast, this time with a self-serve home style format. The beautiful crystal bowl displays an assortment of colorful fruits as I select my very favorites in this customized fruit bowl. I couldn't forget lots of the fresh Island blueberries! Served alongside their fresh orange juice, the morning begins on the lively note of crisp fruits.

This morning I had the pleasure of meeting Denise and Andrea, the daughters of Innkeepers Judy and Gary, who put their hearts and efforts behind the Barachois just as much as their parents. Friendly and high-spirited they've both got that undeniable PEI spirit which Judy displays so well, chatting happily with all the guests and encouraging them to explore some of the best spots on the Island. After this, I can easily say that the Barachois Inn's family atmosphere in genuinely authentic and radiates throughout the entire
experience here.

Next on this morning's breakfast menu is old-fashioned porridge! Falling in perfectly with the theme of my Anne of Green Gables style room, I feel like this creamy porridge would be something that graced the Cuthbert's breakfast table regularly! Warm and hearty, the fresh Island berries that topped it were juicy and their sweet and tart combination worked perfectly with the little drizzle of maple syrup I added! This very PEI breakfast continues with a truly farmhouse breakfast! Eggs, any style, thick cut bacon and multi grain toast. Fresh PEI eggs over easy with the homemade multi grain bread matched the heartiness of the porridge before it. With warm flavors, it's easy to imagine the farmers, bakers and of course, loving cook that are all behind this breakfast. It taste purely Island and is what has been on the table of PEI homes for decades and will continue to be the kind of breakfast that represents many of the great producers in this province.

With the happiness of all the guests surrounding me, I feel as if I'm in a family home filled with members from every corner of the world. It's a beautiful feeling that only accentuates all of the charms and romance that the Barachois Inn possesses. I can't wait to spend my day continuing to bask in this special spot and soak up some Island sun!

Wednesday, 15 July 2015

My Heart Returns to the Barachois Inn

You might recall that I was completely captivated earlier this month with the Barachois Inn located in Rustico, Prince Edward Island. The quaint fascination that this historic corner of PEI represents, its' people, an outstanding respect for their history and of course the hospitality of Judy and Gary MacDonald of the Barachois. I felt so at home there, that I simply couldn't leave PEI without making one last stop to revisit the place that had romanced me so well the first time around. And so, it's once again from the Barachois that I write to you all, this time with an experience unique from my last.

I'm staying in the Gallant House of the Barachois tonight, their Victorian Traditional Room 4 providing tonight's most unique backdrop. One the third floor of this over 200 year old home, I sit, looking out the window at the Barachois' Victorian garden and ponder just how beautifully the world is made. It carries a romance of spirit that is spoken so highly of in Anne of Green Gables, capturing the imagination with an atmosphere that fosters the very sense of Anne and her time as a child in Avonlea. There is no other Inn that I have come across with a room quite like this. It feels as if this cozy, old-fashioned room could have conjured to life directly from the pages of L.M. Mongomery's beloved and timeless classic.

Hosting two rooms; one with a double bed, it's antique frame made from elm wood and displaying a sweetness of style that is welcoming as soon as you open the door. With the light of the Island sun streaming in like ribbons through the dormer window, the whole atmosphere is bright and refreshing. Certainly something that Anne Shirley would find herself reveling in! The second bedroom features a single bed in a wrought iron frame, which makes this ideal for a family traveling together. There, the sitting room is set up with beautifully appointed antiques and a flat screen TV hidden away in a wooden cabinet, so that if your journey back in time is truly one of the olden'll never even know it's there!

Of course, there are still all the modern conveniences that the Barachois Inn offers. Privately controlled air conditioning, a flat screen TV, a CD player for beautiful music and all of their 5-Star amenities like a gym and sauna!

Personally for me though, some of the best features in this room are really the architectural details. Being on the third floor you're hidden beneath the Mansard roof which creates the singularly unique style that you can only get from such a special location. It's spacious while displaying the sort of style that wraps you up in its' loveliness. My favorite spot in the room is sitting directly in front of ones of the windows, over looking the garden and imagining what it would be like to actually be Anne of Green Gables.

What better place is there to go while dreaming of Anne than to her own house in Cavendish, PEI? The excellent thing is that at the Barachois Inn Judy offers a free pass to guests who would like to visit the site of the Anne of Green Gables' House. Pass in hand, I was ready to head off and compare my room with it's definite Anne-like spirit to those in the famous National site!

As you enter there's a small but comprehensive detailing of Island Author's L.M. Montgomery's life and work, with portraits of her throughout the years, original copies of her novels and handwritten pages of her work! The perfect place to start, you're invited in to watch a small introductory film and then welcomed onto the grounds of Green Gables!

The first thing you see is the Cuthbert's barn, standing tall and featuring some of the old farming tools that Matthew used in the novels, you walk through the barn and see Green Gables rising up above you! This is, as any fan would know, an exciting moment as you see the lush green lawn with it's garden surrounded by a crisp picket fence and spot Anne standing near the front door greeting her guests. I wasn't the only one thrilled by this, as there were many a fan of the Island's red-headed orphan excitingly pointing out the house's details and snapping photos in the carriage that represents the one that brought Anne from Bright River station to Green Gable's itself. After saying my own hellos to Anne and my photographer playfully chatting about her escapades with Raspberry Cordial, we headed into the house.

I don't want to spoil it for any of you, but Green Gables homestead is a lovely spot, the rooms and their furnishings geared completely for the era in which Anne's story begins. There's much to see and bilingual guides who will answer any questions about the house, it's contents and fictional inhabitants. I personally found Marilla's room and her kitchen most interesting, with all of her practical airs shining through clearly! The rooms, truly do breathe in a special sense of their own, each one making a nod to something from the novel and if you take a peek into Anne's room you'll be sure to see one very special (and highly desired) dress!

There's even more to explore of Green Gables, with two beautifully maintained walking paths which would have been Anne's own favorites. Named for the Haunted Woods and Lover's Lane the two paths wind down through the trees and flowers as sunlight streams down from above, lighting the path and illuminating the senses as the awaken to the soft noises of the wood and fresh air that permeates throughout them.

Can you imagine Anne staring wistfully out of this
Barachois Inn window?  I can.
After my exciting day of partaking in the imagination of L.M. Montgomery and being physically surrounded by the atmosphere of what her words expressed through her treasured word, I feel so content I could simply float away on the white way of delight!

...Did I sound like Anne there? I hope I did, I was trying!

Truly though comparing both the rooms at Green Gables and my own special piece of what I consider Anne's life through my room at the Barachois, I would say that Anne would be more than happy to rest her head in such a fitting room. It truly is perfect for fans of Green Gables coming to fully immerse themselves in it's charm and delight...and that's coming from a fan herself!

Resplendent Beauty at the Fairholm Historic Inn

If you can imagine, for a moment the splendid days of yore; where the lush things we now consider frivolities were essential in the lives of prominent families. Richness and magnificence were the measurement of a man's status in life and the more esteemed one was, the grander they became. In this sense, the Fairholm Inn is an accurate portrait of its' first owner's life and times as a man of distinction among Islanders. A one Mr. Thomas Heath Haviland, the influential and wealthy man who commissioned the Fairholm after amassing a fortune for himself through positions of great importance and acting as a land agent for Britain in one of Prince Edward Island's most historically shifting times.

Living there as a widower with his family, you can only imagine how lavishly this man treated the guests who walked through his door. Well, actually, you can only imagine it if you haven't actually been in the Fairholm Inn. But, if you're lucky as I am to be here and indulged by the opulence which owners Brooke and Gina have restored to this National Historic site then you know exactly what I mean. Feeling welcomed into the Fairholm is like being one of Mr. Haviland's personal guests.

A posh home with some of the most stunning antiques I have laid my eyes upon, the collection that has gathered under this roof is one of great significance. Any lover of the days gone by would immediate recognize that this is a wonderful place to study the several, impeccably preserved pieces which are on display openly as they would have been in the 1800s. Every room is a discovery and every corner filled with wonder, to take the time and contemplate each room provided from the common enjoyment of guests is an attraction of its own.

As for me, this morning I'm sitting in the Fairholm's grand Dining Room at the table tucked into the bay window, impressive with it's rich purple velvet curtains. The soft Island morning breeze comes gently through the lace curtains and sunlight gently kisses the dining table. With atmospheric music lilting in the background, this is the scene out of a period drama. This with the cheerful conversation floating throughout the Dining Room and friendly service of Meghan at the breakfast table is all what makes staying at the Fairholm something special.

Want to know something else perfectly wonderful? Their breakfast! Starting off with a coffee, espresso beverage or artisan PEI blended tea from the coffee bar is perfect and afterwards you can wander over to their freshly squeezed orange juice and petite baked goods. A lovely way to begin breakfast, today they were offering homemade oat cakes and miniature blueberry muffins with PEI Strawberry Preserves.

The Oak Cakes were hearty and rustic, with just a hint of sweetness; exactly how they should be prepared. A classically old-fashioned treat, I don't see them nearly as often as often as my taste buds would like. Harkening back to the Scottish roots of many Islanders, these are the kind of Oak Cakes your grandmother's grandmother used to make. Want to try them my style? Spread a tiny bit of the preserves on top for a fruity twist! Another sweet treat, the mini muffins were packed with flavor ten times their size! Huge, juicy blueberries were hidden inside of a light and fluffy base. Dusted with sugar on top, these went perfectly with some of Lady Baker's Island Strawberry Green Tea.

The next course was fresh fruit with granola and yogurt served in an elegant class and topped with a colorful and aromatic mint leaf. Pineapple, strawberries and melon made for a vibrant combination against the creamy vanilla yogurt. The whole assortment creating a tasteful harmony on the palate when taste together with the crunch granola. Pairing different textures, flavors and an overall freshness of theme, I enjoyed every last bite.

My photographer and I chose to both select a different item off of the Fairholm's gourmet breakfast menu and split so that we could try out two of the breakfast offerings. At Tess' sage recommendation, I selected the ham and vegetable omelette while my photographer picked the three cheese and pear panini. Let me just say that Tess has incredible taste, because these two mains were out of this world!

My omelette came, colorful and bright with tender eggs folding around an assortment of fresh vegetables, savory ham and creamy cheese. Not just beautiful to the eye, it was a delight to eat, the combination of broccoli, mushrooms, sweet peppers, onion and tomato made it so vibrant and fresh to the taste buds, it practically woke me up with all of it's cheerful flavors. Truly a rustic omelette, it was generous in all of it's fillings and had a hearty side of multi grain toast to match.

The Three Cheese and Pear Panini was as heavenly a sandwich as a person could eat! I just couldn't get enough and sadly my photographer wouldn't turn away so I could steal her half too! Displaying a complex series of flavors ranging from sweet to savory with notes of caramelization and hint of pleasant smokiness, there's no way that this sandwich shouldn't be on every breakfast, lunch and dinner menu in the world! Snacks too! Slices of pear and thick sliced cheese were all snuggled warm together in between two grilled slices of multi grain raisin bread. It's almost too perfect for humans!

So after this divine breakfast, I'm back in my room relaxing and taking in the atmosphere once more of this charming Inn. With my short interlude at the Fairholm complete, I already miss it before even walking out the door. One night is too short when you're surrounded by such utter resplendence. There is still so much beauty to absorb and I know now that I must return to the Fairholm and savor its' complexity and beauty another time. Like a fine wine or an exotic coffee displaying both immediate pleasure and a rare, more contemplative depth, the Fairholm is to be luxuriated in slowly. Which is the perfect excuse to return again and again.

Tuesday, 14 July 2015

A Suite Taste of the Historic Fairholm Inn

Since the year 1838, there has been a vision of elegance and loveliness, revered by locals, a landmark for tourists and adored by all who see it; this is the Fairholm Inn. A nationally recognized historic site that has been a labor of love and vision since it's beginnings,  what was once a prominent family home has now been transformed into a home away from home for people from every corner of the world.

Me included.

I'm thrilled to say that my next stop on a tour of Canada's best 5 Star Inns is the Fairholm. Located in the heart of Downtown Charlottetown's historic center, it's just as passionate a site to see as has been for the past two decades. Famous for its' radiantly Victorian décor, exceptional service and over-all experience which lives up to its' 5 Star appointment, the Fairholm steals your heart from the moment you arrive. Strolling through their lively garden, fragrant flowers welcome you to the impressive front door. Grand and yet quaint, there's a genuine quality of it that beckons guests to join them at the Fairholm. A paragon of hospitality from the start, I'll be chatting with you all more about this home's history tomorrow at breakfast.

For now, I just want to be immersed in the powerfully magnificent presence of the Fairholm that literally adopts your heart and senses with wonder and awe. The high ceilings lend immediately to the sense of Victorian aristocracy, making even the most casual of guests feel as if they've joined the elite of Prince Edward Island's past. The kind of house people dream of living in, owners Brooke and Gina made this dream their reality and a gift to the countless people whom they host year-round. Like the pages out of a Victorian era novel or rooms spread out in an elaborate doll house, the Fairholm has an air of romance that's just too good for reality. Its' essence of dignity radiating in ever detailed corner and lingering in the hearts of those who encounter it.

Greeted by Doris, the Fairholm's engaging and charismatic Innkeeper, she made me feel right at home immediately. I honestly felt like I had always known her from the warmth and happiness that she radiated! With a passion for the Fairholm she's already told me some interesting and colorful facts about the home. Her assistants Meghan and Tess were as sweet as sugar and so genuine accommodating, I want to bring them  on the rest of my trip! With all their hearts one-hundred percent invested into the Fairholm, there no wonder why guests return year after year.

Each room a unique treasure, the Fairholm hosts two houses on the same property, both with contrasting themes of Victorian elegance of the Fairholm and modern sleekness of the Carriage House. The best of both worlds is offered all with the same hospitality which has made this Inn such a success. In fact, the Fairholm has attracted the attention of some very discerning guests; namely Sir Paul McCartney who stayed in the Fairholm's Brecken Suite. Of course, it's become a wildly popular Suite with sweeping size and King bed, but really, all the Suites at the Fairholm are fit for music Royalty. Take, for instance,  the Lucietia Starr Suite; my own room.

I may not be nearly as rocking as Paul McCartney, but I definitely know luxury when I see it and this suite has got it covered. To say it has character is a gross understatement, to say that it is a character of its' own seems a bit more fitting. With an amazing Island crafted archway and outstanding brick wall that's original to the home, you immediately see what architectural wonders are a part of the Fairholm.

Tucked romantically behind the arch and hidden away by the vaulted ceiling is a comfy Queen sized bed. The dark wood four poster bed gives an even deeper sense that the Lucietia is embracing you with everything that makes it special. An old-fashioned fireplace and pristine antiques are throughout the room, from the seating area tucked between two windows that overlook the Fairholm's garden to the grand dresser which a flat screen TV is displayed upon. There's even a lovely writing desk and chair, perfect for writing postcards to your loved ones. Or rather teasingly sending them photos of the Fairholm and saying "Wish You Were Here", because at this point we know one thing... Obviously everyone wants to be at the Fairholm!

The bathroom is unique in that it makes use of warm Victorian colors that exude tranquility. This goes nicely with the large, deep, soaker tub that is its' centerpiece. With an assortment of Aveda bath products, the connection to the relaxation of earthiness and that strong peace is the perfect way to unwind after a day of exploring around the Fairholm's perfectly convenient location.

Stepping into the Lucietia Starr Suite is like taking a trip back in time, sending you to the days when elegance was inherent. I feel fancier as soon as I walk in, which is a really amazing bonus that you don't get at just any location. Surrounded by its' antiques and well-appointed imported wallpaper I understand why, after hearing fellow guests discuss the Fairholm, they said that there is literally no other place on PEI they would stay. It grabs your heart and doesn't let go...

And I surrender, willingly!

See you all tomorrow morning at breakfast, when the gourmet delights of the Fairholm are revealed!